2009 Valentine’s Gift Guide – Centralized List

Today we are going to start our 2009 Valentine’s Gift Guide. It is going to be a marathon! Each website will have a short individual review; it will take us a few days to write them all so please be patient. We have lots of wonderful gift ideas you can choose from! And the nice thing is that you can purchase them online!

As you know, the idea behind Valentine’s Day is to express your love and to show that you care! You can do it with one gorgeous rose and some chocolate or with a fabulous diamond ring. It is up to you. But remember, you are buying the gift for the person you love not for yourself!

I want to say THANK YOU to our wonderful readers and contributors. We couldn’t have done it without you!

We gathered the info in this long list (which is not complete yet!). Many more suggestions will be added in the next few days. The links below are randomly listed. Please read their Store Policies before purchasing online.

Aromatherapy, Bath and Body

For a good cause

Gorgeous Flowers:


Personalized and customized gifts

Stylish and Practical

Gorgeous Jewelry

Don’t miss:


Gourmet and Desserts

Clothing and lingerie

Kids and Teens

Flowers and greeting cards

Especially for Men

Arts and Crafts

Updated daily from now (Jan. 13) till Valentine’s Day. Come back soon to see what’s new, read the individual posts on each of them and participate to our GiveAways!

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  1. I found this site my-song.ca/alps/vday/sales they make personalized love songs, I was speechless it is the most amazing gift. The song is completely tailor made for the recipient, it is HOT!!!!!! Everything is original and one of a kind. Personalized gifts are always better, they come from the heart. Anyone can go to the mall and pick up a sale item or a CD, make it count. Good Luck!!!!

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