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We mentioned MyGeneImage.com in our 2009 Valentine’s Gift Guide.

photo courtesy of mygeneimage.com

The first time I heard about MyGeneImage.com, I was really intrigued! This is a brilliant idea and would be an excellent choice for a personalized gift! I don’t think you can get more personalized than this!!

What is all about? Well, My Gene Image creates something called DNA Art. You can pick the designs on their website as your background and the gene of choice and they send you a DNA sample collection kit. Once they receive the DNA, they process it and put it into its customized art piece.

It’s a wonderful gift for someone who is a big art lover or just loves personalized objects. Couples can create and hang their DNA art side by side on the wall.

 To purchase, please visit: MyGeneImage.com

The digital DNA Art is $120
Canvas art small: $299


If you have tried DNA Art before, please leave us a message with your experience. Share the love!

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