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Cupid Corn Cupcake Soap
Cupid Corn Cupcake Soap

 We featured Serah’s in our 2009 Valentine’s Gift Guide.

She has unique products that we absolutely love! They would make great Valentine’s gifts! These are our favorites.

The first one is The Cupid Corn Cupcake Soap. Cupid put his twist on candy corn just in time for Valentine’s Day. The cupcake soap frosting is white, pink, and red. The Cupid Corn Cupcake Soap is made with extra lather glycerin and shea butter soap and scented with the Pink Jasmine Musk fragrance. Approx. weight: 7 oz.

You can also get this cupcake as a Mini Cupcake Soap – that is pefect for kids. Approx. weight: 2 oz.

The price: the Cupid Corn Cupcake Soap sells for $12 while the Mini version sells for $2.50.

Available online at www.Serahsonline.com . Check them out! They are really cute!


If you have tried the cute Cupcake Soap from Serah’s, please tell us what you liked the most! Share the love! Leave a message!

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