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The Chocolate Therapist Gift Set
The Chocolate Therapist Gift Set. photo courtesy of theChocolateTherapist.com

We mentioned TheChocolateTherapist.com in our 2009 Valentine’s Gift Guide.

If you’re going to give one of the most popular gifts for Valentine’s Day (chocolate, of course!), why not give a gift set which will explain the health benefits of chocolate and give you even more reasons why to eat chocolate everyday!

The Chocolate Therapist Gift Set is the perfect gift for chocolaholics everywhere. This unique gift set comes with the user’s guide The Chocolate Therapist: A User’s Guide to the Extraordinary Health Benefits of Chocolate by Julie Pech and three premium bars of chocolate. The Chocolate Therapist book teaches about the health benefits of chocolate, explains what is the right chocolate, how to read labels, how much to eat, and provides websites to find healthy chocolate. The book has a humorous touch, it has over 40 ailments each with a chocolate “prescription” and up-to-date research supporting how and why chocolate affects the body. For example, ailments include PMS, heartbreak, and food cravings. The book set also comes with three therapy chocolate bars; “Extreme Therapy” is a 72% dark chocolate with organic cacao nibs for a powerful antioxidant boost, “Nuttopia” is a 65% dark chocolate with chopped almonds and organic hemp seed for a perfect euphoria any time of the day, and “Going to the Dark Side” is a 35% milk chocolate layered over 45% dark chocolate to help milk chocolate lovers transition to dark chocolate and enjoy the many health benefits dark chocolate provides.

For more chocolate gift ideas, visit TheChocolateTherapist.com website. The website offers a wine enthusiast chocolate collection, Choffy (Brewing Cocoa), and Xocai, a diabetic and caffeine-free chocolate.


Have any chocolate gift ideas for Valentine’s Day? Have you experienced chocolate from TheChocolateTherapist.com? Please leave you comments and/or suggestions. We love to hear from you!

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