5 Products for New Parents

Being a new parent is extremely exciting and exhausting at the same time! If you have kids, you know it very well! Thankfully, there are some wonderful products out there to make life easier! Today, we’ll mention five of the most popular ones:

Safety comes first! Baby proof your cabinets, toilets, doors, drawers and appliances with these baby safety locks! They come in black or white and are very easy to install: just peel and stick! If you prefer invisible locks (they are installed on the inside of the cabinets), then you can choose the magnetic safety locks. If your child has just started crawling everywhere, these baby safety locks are a lifesaver! Keep your little ones away from all the dangers in your home!

This Waterproof Crib Mattress Pad is best for protecting a baby's mattress from accidents while providing a comfortable sleep. Unlike other crib pads that shrink and ruin in the dryer, you will find this premium fitted crib pads are made to last. Cleaning up after an accident couldn't be easier. Simply toss it in the washer and then the dryer. No air-drying necessary!

This Natural White Noise Sound Machine combines American ingenuity and craftsmanship to create a lightweight, yet durable appliance capable of many years of reliable service. Marpac sound conditioners create a consistent, smooth sound of rushing air. The tone and volume of the sound are controlled by simply rotating the "cap" and "collar" of the housing. This "white noise" sound effectively masks unwanted noises and creates a sense of calm, making it easier to relax and/or sleep. These sound conditioners are recommended for infants, children and many others. The dual speed 980 is made of durable plastic housing suitable for travel or use in the home or office.
Get ready to travel! When it comes to car seats, one of the most popular choices is Chicco NextFit Convertible Car Seat. Engineered with innovative safety and convenience features, the NextFit is one of the the easiest convertible car seats to install accurately and securely. Other features include a removable infant insert for smaller babies, 5-point harness with 2-position chest clip, 6-position headrest with integrated harness adjustment, built-in belt lock-offs for installation with vehicle belt, machine-washable seat pad, and removable cup holder for use on either side of the seat. It comes in 3 color choices.

Keep all the toys organized with 3 Sprouts Storage Box! This box is the perfect storage solution for any room in your house. It measures 13" x 13" x 13" and comes in different designs (peacock, dragon, dog, rabbit, rhino, snake and many more). It is a perfect for staying organized and keeping toys off the floor!

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