St. Patrick’s Day T-Shirts

St. Patrick’s Day is on March 17 and is widely celebrated by the Irish diaspora throughout the world. Festivals and parades are held on this public Holiday in Ireland. Are you ready to wear your green? Here are a few choices for t-shirts:

Kiss Me I'm Irish Tee Shirts
Kiss Me I'm Irish Tee Shirts by cky128
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happy whooo patricks day tees
happy whooo patricks day tees by holidaysboutique
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Funny St. Patrick’s Day Gifts

St. Patrick’s Day is on March 17 – that’s almost four weeks away! So, we’ve been looking for some nice gifts for this occasion. Check out what we found:

Temporarily Irish T Shirts
Temporarily Irish T Shirts by traci_designs
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FREE Hugs Here! Pillow
FREE Hugs Here! Pillow by ctek101
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Anti Valentine’s Day Gifts

If you or someone you know is anti Valentine’s Day, check out these gift ideas:

Anti-Valentine's Day Heart T-Shirt
Anti-Valentine's Day Heart T-Shirt by Shel75
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Valentine Shmalintine Cards
Valentine Shmalintine Cards by Hipster_Farms
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Outa' BandAids Mugs
Outa' BandAids Mugs by LifesInk
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Forever Alone funny internet humor iPhone 5 Case
Forever Alone funny internet humor iPhone 5 Case by Hipster_Farms
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Cute Valentine’s Day T-shirts

Valentine’s Day is almost here! Express your love with any of these cute t-shirts!


Love you with OWL my heart T-shirt
Love you with OWL my heart T-shirt by heartlocked
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Whale you be my Valentine Tshirts
Whale you be my Valentine Tshirts by Hipster_Farms
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In the Spotlight – Stacy Lynch

We continue our quest for the most interesting designers out there. Today we are featuring Ms. Stacy Lynch!

Stacy Lynch
Could you please tell us a little bit about yourself? How did you start?

My name is Stacy and I am a wife and mother who loves to be creative and use my creativity to inspire others in one way or another. Throughout school (elementary – college) I was in art classes, graphic design classes, and drama classes. I’ve always been moved by art and, while I’m certainly no Van Gogh, I can’t imagine my life without art as a part of it. I found Zazzle in 2006 while looking for a way to make a t-shirt for myself and friends. I started doing just basic things for myself. Eventually I started putting other designs up for sale, people started buying them, and I haven’t looked back.

In your opinion, what was the turning point in your business?

I think the turning point for my business was when I started taking my time with it more seriously. I’ve always worked an outside job (mostly full time) and am a mother to an active 8 year old, so my time over the years has been at a premium. But once I set aside time to myself to not only create, but to promote, I noticed a change in my sales and a growth in my popularity.

Could you please share with us links to your top 6 personal favorite products from any of your Zazzle shops? Why are they so special? Is there a story behind each of them?

It’s impossible to choose just 6 favorite products. But these 6 are among the tops for me for one reason or another. Each of these designs are available on multiple products, so I just tried to choose a variety of products with a few of my favorite designs.

Frosted Ice iPad Case
Frosted Ice iPad Case
“The Frosted Ice fractal design, for me, is just cool and beautiful. It has elegance, but also a gothy feel, which is a big part of my world.”
Seattle Waterfront Posters
Seattle Waterfront Posters
“My Seattle Waterfront photograph fills me with comfort. I grew up in the Seattle area, so for me, this photo means home.”
Elegance Custom Announcements
Elegance Custom Announcements
“The Elegance announcement is just pretty. I love the colors, I love the beauty, I love the simplicity.”
Dolphins in Love Coffee Mugs
Dolphins in Love Coffee Mugs
“The Dolphins in Love design is something I started working on for a design contest through Talenthouse. I loved it too much to lose to a contest, so instead I posted it on Facebook. It’s my favorite design that has never sold on any product. But I don’t get discouraged by is since I love it so much and it makes me happy. “
Be The Box T Shirt
Be The Box T Shirt
“My Be the Box tee is my message to everyone to be themselves. We need to be colorful and full of life in this world of black and white. It’s a simple message, but one I truly believe in.”
Believe Throw Pillows
Believe Throw Pillows
“Believe. This is a message we all need to remind ourselves of. In life, at home, at work, in designing, in music, everywhere and every day, we need to believe.”

How would you define your style?

My style is whatever strikes my fancy at the time. I love photography, so there are times where I’m all about taking pictures. Another day I might be in my room with canvas and paint. An hour later I’m on the computer creating whatever unique or fun design I can think of. I don’t fall into any one category.

Anything on the drawing board? What’s next?

Besides being artsy, I’ve always loved to write. This year, I am hoping to write a little more. Beyond that, this year is just going to be another year to continue to grow on Zazzle and personally.

Where can we find you?

On Facebook, I can be found at Rdwnggrl’s World. On Twitter I am @rdwnggrl. And my blog is

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In the Spotlight – Ashley Agresta

Ashley AgrestaAnother talented designer is in the Spotlight! Introducing Ashley Agresta!

Could you please tell us a little bit about yourself? How did you start?
I am a 28 yr old graphic designer from Amsterdam NY. I went to school for graphic design at Cazenovia College near Syracuse and when I graduated, I did a design internship at Walt Disney World for a year. I eventually moved back to New york near my family and got a job designing for a real estate development company. I started my Zazzle store in 2009 in the midst of company lay offs and pay cuts. I was looking for someway to supplement my income on the side. Fortunately, I did not get laid off, but that was the birth of my very own company: ae designs {custom invitations and stationery}! I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and I am thankful that I was able to start my own company doing what I love even if it developed because of some hardships!

In your opinion, what was the turning point in your business?
I think the turning point of my business was when the company I used to work for started laying people off and the advent of social media. The lay offs motivated me to take matters into my own hands and make sure that my future would be secure regardless of my position there, and social media helped me reach thousands of people without spending any money on advertising. My Zazzle store played an integral role in this new endeavor of mine!

Could you please share with us links to your top 6 personal favorite products from any of your Zazzle stores? Why are they so special? Is there a story behind each of them?

Paper Lantern Wedding Shower (Linen Paper) Invite
Paper Lantern Wedding Shower (Linen Paper) Invite
“This was an invitation I designed for a good friend of mine when I moved to New Hampshire.”
Fall Wedding Invitation (tan)
Fall Wedding Invitation (tan)
“This was an invitation that I designed for one of my good friends from New York and co-worker who moved to New Hampshire and I followed soon after, small world!”
Hydrangea Wedding Shower Invitation
Hydrangea Wedding Shower Invitation
“I designed this for a college friend of mine and it turned out to be my absolute best seller!”
Laughter and Cheer Holiday Postcard
Laughter and Cheer Holiday Postcard
“This holiday card is one of my favorites because I created as an entry in a Crane and Co. card contest. I didn’t win, but the experience was awesome!”
Baby Steps Birth Announcement
Baby Steps Birth Announcement
“This baby announcement is special to me because I got a TBA (Today’s Best Award) from Zazzle!”
Happy Holidays Cards
Happy Holidays Cards
“This holiday card is very special to me. It is one one of my very best sellers every year and it was also part of the Zazzle Employee Holiday Card Giveaway this year.”

How would you define your style?
I think my style is definitely modern and contemporary, i typically love bright colors, bold fonts and usually a minimalist approach. Everything around me inspires me in some way or another!

Anything on the drawing board? What’s next?
There is ALWAYS stuff on the drawing board, it’s just finding the time to get stuff done 🙂 Unfortunately, I am not a full-time Zazzler, I work as a full time designer, I freelance and the agency I work for has just started a popcorn company (, so I definitely keep busy. I would like to take some in 2013 to expand my product line and also look into more Zazzle affiliate and referrals.

Where can we find you?
All the places you can find me 🙂
online store ::*
facebook ::
facebook ::
blog ::
fundraising ::
twitter ::
linkedin ::
portfolio ::

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In the Spotlight – Ashley Berthelot

Today’s featured graphic designer is Ms. Ashley Berthelot, the artist behind Fancy Designs and a few other popular Zazzle shops. She is very talented and some of the products she designed were gifted to celebrities. We asked her a few questions so you get to know her better. Ashley is getting married soon so, before we start, we’d like to congratulate her! 🙂



Could you please tell us a little bit about yourself? How did you start?
My name is Ashley Berthelot, I’m a 23 year old graphic designer, and I’m from Louisiana. I have a huge love for weddings, the written word, and anything beautiful and eye catching.

Before I even thought about Fancy Designs I spent each holiday designing cards for my friends and family. Slowly they started hiring me to design cards for them and eventually someone suggested that I open an Etsy shop. I didn’t do great on Etsy, at the time, but I saw some potential. A friend of mine mentioned Zazzle to me one day and I didn’t see how I could lose. In a few short months, I had a steady stream of sales and Zazzle invited me to join the ranks of their Pro-Sellers.

In your opinion, what was the turning point in your business?
I really think Fancy Designs‘ second year was the turning point. Having fresh eyes, some experience, and a real business plan in place really made a big difference. I feel like each year I learn something new and I’ve been so blessed to have the insight of some amazing business owners to help me out, but that second year really helped put everything into perspective for me. It’s amazing that the mistakes I’ve made in my business have been the things that really shaped my successes in the coming years.

Could you please share with us your top 4 personal favorite products from any of your Zazzle stores? Why are they special? Is there a story behind each of them?

Rustic Wooden | Save the Date Custom Announcement
Rustic Wooden | Save the Date Custom Announcement
“I think this one is a personal favorite just because it really speaks to my personal likes. A little rustic but not overly masculine.”
Keep Calm (CMA) iPhone Speakers
Keep Calm (CMA) iPhone Speakers
“I can honestly say that this piece has become a personal favorite of mine! It actually took up residence with Blake Shelton at the 46th Annual Country Music Awards!”
Polka Dot & Damask | Monogram iPhone 5 Cases
Polka Dot & Damask | Monogram iPhone 5 Cases
“This was my best selling iPhone case in 2012. I just love the use of textures and color, and I think it really speaks to what’s trendy right now!”
Lauren Landry's Christmas Card
Lauren Landry’s Christmas Card
“This is one of my favorite Christmas card designs from 2012. It’s such an amazing feeling designing something for a friend who’s such a kind heart and has such a gorgeous family!”

How would you define your style?
I think my design style is very varied and it just depends on what’s inspiring me at that current moment. My designs have to appeal to a wide variety of demographics so I’m always changing things up and trying to grab the attention of a new clientele.

Could you please tell us about one of your aha moments?
I think my truest aha moment had to be the day I realized that I COULD do this. So many people had laughed at me for wanting to start a business. I managed to start a business with zero overhead and I turned it into a successful venture. I now have multiple Zazzle shops in the marketplace and each one is successful in it’s own way.

Anything on the drawing board? Any plans for the future you’d like to share with us?
I always have something on the drawing board. I’m constantly in full swing with my “idea book” and sketch pads. My current plans are all aimed towards the 2013 graduation season. It’s my busiest time of the year. Styles are always evolving and I have to keep up with what the teens find “hip and trendy” but also what their parents find acceptable!

Where can we find you?
Facebook –
Twitter –!/fancydesigns
Pinterest –
Website –
Blog –


Thank you, Ashley!!

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In the Spotlight – Valerie Guerrero

Today I have the pleasure of featuring my friend, Valerie Guerrero, the creative mind and graphic designer behind the BeezKneez Designs and a few other popular Zazzle shops! I caught up with Valerie and asked her a few questions so you get to know her better. Many of her designs are top sellers and often seen on the front page of Zazzle. Some of the products she designed have been gifted to celebrities at GBK’s Academy Awards, Golden Globes and Emmy Awards Gift lounges, just to mention a few.


Could you please tell us a little bit about yourself? How did you start?
“I’m a totally self-taught designer in sunny California. I started out nearly 18 years ago helping a friend layout a menu book guide for his food delivery service — in Microsoft Word (omg!). A few years later, I got hired to do graphic presentation services for a large investment bank. Over the years I was promoted through the ranks, and didn’t really get to design that much. After over a decade managing large teams of designers, I left Corporate America, and began offering my designs on Zazzle, and I love what I do.”

In your opinion, what was the turning point in your business?
“I would say when I opened up my first Twitter account in 2009, my business started booming, and increased by 600%. I had always thought Twitter was a communication tool for teenagers, and didn’t really see it as a viable business tool. Boy, was I wrong. Tweeting about your products using smart hashtags can really change the dynamics of any business. Twitter is powerful.”

Could you please share with us links to your top 5 personal favorite products from any of your Zazzle stores? Why are they so special? Is there a story behind them?
“I have many niche specialty design shoppes, and so many of my designs are special to me:”

Trendy Cocktail Party Invitation
BeezKneez: Trendy Cocktail Party Invitation (fuchsia)
Place Setting Rehearsal Dinner Invitation (maroon)
The Wedding Shoppe: Place Setting Rehearsal Dinner Invitation (maroon)
Adorable Baby Tree Baby Shower Invitation (sage)
BabyShoppe: Adorable Baby Tree Baby Shower Invitation (sage)
Chevron Pattern Graduation Announcement (rose)
KidShoppe: Chevron Pattern Graduation Announcement (rose)
Nouveau Anniversary Party Invitation (silver)
The PartyShoppe: Nouveau Anniversary Party Invitation (silver)

You are a very successful graphic designer. What’s your secret?
“Patience and perseverance.  So often people want the whole pie immediately. Building a successful business doesn’t happen overnight. It doesn’t happen in 3 months, either. It takes years to build a successful, lasting brand, and to build up an inventory of trendy products that people will want to buy. You also need a nice balance of your time, i.e., designing 60% of the time, and marketing those products 40% of the time. If you don’t market what you do, you can’t expect sales.”

How would you define your style?
“I’m inspired by everything – nature, billboards, menus, color palettes at the paint store. I think my design style could be defined as clean, and classic. I research trends, and build my designs based on these current trends.”

Could you please tell us about one of your aha moments?
“Five years ago, a friend of mine asked me to create a t-shirt for a gag gift. While researching options that did *not* include an iron-on transfer, I stumbled across Zazzle. I made my t-shirt, my friend bought it, and I went on my merry way. A week later, someone else bought that gag-gift t-shirt. A couple days later, I had a few more sales for that shirt. I didn’t realize that other people would be interested in what I created, or that I could actually make a healthy income doing this. It also never really occurred to me that other people could see that design I created for my friend. Three months later, I became a ProSeller, and now I have nine different shops with many product offerings.”

Where can we find you?


Thank you, Valerie!!

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In the Spotlight – Shopaholic Chick

Today I’m delighted to introduce you to Amy, the artist behind Shopaholic Chick. We caught up with Amy and asked her a few questions:


1. How did it all start? What’s your story?

“I started in 2005 with Cafepress. I had a friend who was doing it and making money, and she kept asking me to try it but I was still on dial up and it was too slow. In 2005 I decided to go back to college for another degree and in order to go research I upgraded to high speed, and so I also decided to try a shop. I had a few ideas since I had been giving my friend ideas to make and I was one of the lucky ones I made my first sale within 48 hours of placing 1 design on 1 t-shirt…with that I was hooked!!

I moved to Zazzle when I decided changes as Cafepress were beginning to affect my ability to earn with them, and luckily I had many of my designs and was already established with them before more serious changes at Cafepress forced me to close my shops there completely.

I have degrees in criminal justice & history, art & computers have always just been a hobby for me. My mother teached art and my grandfather was a professional artist, so I always grew up with a marker crayon or colored pencil in my hand. I also remember we were among the first to have a computer in our home, my first being a Tandy that plugged into the TV and looked like an Atari with a keyboard on it, it even took Atari like cartridges!!”

2. What inspires you?

“I find inspiration everywhere – often in things people say or news articles I read online. My entire bird shop was inspired because my friends 2 year old son loved the flamingos at the zoo, and she could not find a flamingo t-shirt for him that was not a girls shirt with little bows or ruffles on it… he called them “B” since b is for bird…and hence my shop B is for birds was born! Photography is my truest passion and I love things that are angular or architectural – my friends laughed at me when I lived in Germany for 4 months and 3/4 of all my photos I took were of doorways, windows or staircases… sometimes, it is the most mundane things that really fascinate me, and sell well for me.

I am a total history geek and a news junkie – so, I am always reading the news especially if it is some historical related find, and that often inspires some of my work… I also really care about the planet and leaving it for future generations so I try to be inspired by nature and try to inspire others to respect nature & the planet.

I always tell people to offer anything even if you would not buy it – while you may not love it someone else might!”

3. Could you please share with us links to your top 4 personal favorite products from any of your stores?

girlie girl binder“My absolute favorite all time product is my girlie girl binder… I get so excited if one sells because it is all hand drawn simple images to look they would have been drawn by me when I would have loved to have this binder… it is all things that, as girls, we grew up with in the playground… jump rope, swings, hopscotch… it also features some of those favorite clap-songs & jump rope songs… miss Mary Mack… Cinderella dressed in yellow…

My next would have to be that first t-shirt I sold all those years ago – true story behind it… I went with my aunt to a car dealer because she got one of those postcards come spin a wheel and win a prize no purchase needed… and I was dating one of the car dealers… well, while we were there, I saw a used truck I wanted to test drive… the sales manager was very nasty about it telling me he could not finance me because I was working for a temp agency.. .even though I had never asked to finance it, because I had enough saved up I could buy it cash if I liked it, the temp thing was because I had only moved to that state a few weeks earlier… well, after I got to drive it, I told him I was not interested because it needed too much work the shocks were shot the clutch was going and the seat was lumpy… well, he told me in front of several people I have an attitude problem and I replied “I do not have an attitude PROBLEM… I have an attitude I just don’t find it to be a problem!”… and with that, a kid in the next cubical over fell off his chair laughing and the sales manager stomped off… so the kid came over and asked me what happened and it old him how he talked down to me and was rude to me and tried to pull my credit and run my financing before he let me drive a $1200 8 year old used pick up truck and how he talked down to me because I was female… turns out the kid was the owner’s son… and my friend who was working there told me his manager was fired on Friday when he picked up his check… turns out I was not the only complaint I was, however, the loudest and most entertaining one!!!

The next design I choose has to be my 9-11 remember design. This design was inspired by one of my best friends Reggie Cervantes, who is a 9-11 rescue worker survivor from ground zero in NYC. When the 10th anniversary approached, she asked me to create a custom design for her to commemorate the anniversary of that fateful day.9 11 t-shirt She asked only that it represent everyone who was there and not exclude anyone. I made 2 designs one reading 9-11-01 and one reading simply IX XI – standing for 9-11 in roman numerals. Here I choose the IX XI because it represents the tattoo Reggie has inside her left wrist to remember those who passed away on and since the tragedy. Each elevation of letter has a symbol on it to ensure no one is forgotten, there is a broom for the service workers and those who helped in the cleanup, a police hat for the police and security workers, a construction helmet for all the trained personnel who came with their equipment and bare hands to help search, rescue and recover, a star of life for the EMTs and Paramedics who worked tirelessly to save those who were injured, a fire helmet for the firefighters who raced to rescue those trapped, a tie, for all the office workers who were working on that day, and a caduceus for the nurses and doctors who worked and still work today around the clock treating and tending to the injured and sick.

Roses Kissing Greeting Card For my final, I will choose my kissing roses. It is just a simply lovely photo taken in a rose garden in Germany showing 3 pink roses which appear to be kissing. I think the photo speaks for itself.”

4. How would you describe your style in three words?

“Bold, unique, eclectic.”

5. What is your favorite color?

“Hard to choose; I love purple & bright olive green.

6. If you were to start all over again, what would you do differently?

“I would not have spend as many years focused on just one POD, I would have branched out to other PODs sooner, I now use 3 and while Zazzle makes majority of my profits I am seeing results and getting checks elsewhere also.”

7. Any word of advice for other designers who are just starting?

“Remember you are not the shopper, offer what the shopper may want not only what you would buy. So what if you don’t want it on a coffee mug, that does not mean the shopper won’t love it on a coffee mug! 99.99% of what I sell is not what I personally would buy that design on, but that’s ok because I am not the one who has to love it – the shopper is!!”

8. Where can we find you?

“You can find me on either of my websites –,, or on blogger, facebook and squidoo – I am pretty much everywhere!!!”


Thank you, Amy!

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Rotem Design Studio

Today I’d like to introduce you to R. Jean Roth, a talented graphic designer and “creative alchemist” from Los Angeles and the founder of Rotem Design Studio and its two apparel lines, Rotem Gear and Rotem Limited Edition.

Her new “graphic-luxe” Rotem Limited Edition line has been a work in progress this past year, resulting in an invitation to The Artisan Group, an exclusive, juried organization of crafters and designers whose mission is to introduce Hollywood to the best of the handcrafted movement. The invitation was a golden opportunity the former intercultural marketing professional would not have envisioned when she first harnessed her creative energies to become an independent entrepreneur after being laid-off early in the economic downturn in 2003.

As demand for her design services grew, Roth expanded her graphic design company into the graphic pop culture t-shirt line Rotem Gear that receives orders from customers around the world. At the GBK 2012 Primetime Emmys Gift Lounge, select members of the press received samples of Rotem Gear’s most popular iconic tees.

In a departure from that quirky, pop culture fashion, however, the new Rotem Limited Edition artisan line envisions garments as canvases, and consists of an ever-changing limited inventory of scarves, cardigans, drape jackets and fashion tops. Currently focusing on local botanical designs, Jean uses her own photography to extract what she sees as the “essence” of the photograph’s subject, whether a flower, branch, or fruit.

She experiments with the inks she uses to achieve different effects, resulting in a translucent, graceful, print that evokes Zen paintings in its elegant simplicity. With fabrics varying in type and in color from rich and saturated to neutrals, each type of garment responds differently to the inks in density and texture, producing different effects in the artwork. The nod to Asian artistic influence is no accident. Jean’s academic and professional background focused on Japanese language and culture.

Artisan scarves and tops from the line have been gifted to celebrities such as Mariska Hargitay, Marcia Cross, Sarah Jessica Parker, Christina Hendricks and Ginnifer Goodwin.

Jean’s unique products make wonderful gifts. Visit her websites today to see her collections: &!

You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter.

Accepting Submissions for the 2015 1HappyCorner Holiday Gift Guide

We are accepting submissions for our 2015 Holiday Gift Guide. Please feel free to send us the following information:

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Deadline: November 22, 2015.

We are looking for all sorts of gift ideas with a Holiday/winter theme; please send us your suggestion to and we’ll take a look. In the title of your email please write: 2015 Holiday Gift Guide.

Santa & Reindeer (Blank Card)

Please note that we receive dozens of suggestions and cannot possibly respond to each one, even though we wish we could. If your product is chosen to be included in the Holiday Gift Guide, we’ll let you know.

Tips on how to increase your chances of being chosen:

  • make sure your product matches the Holiday/winter theme; while we know that anything can be offered as a gift, we will be favoring products that do fit the Holiday/winter spirit
  • provide ALL the information requested
  • make sure your description has a MINIMUM of 120 words.
  • make sure your picture is attached, not included in the body of the email and is at least 400px x 400px
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GBK’s MTV Movie Awards Gift Lounge

On June 1, we had the pleasure of attending GBK’s Celebrity Gift Lounge in honor of the MTV Movie Awards Nominees and Presenters. The event took place at L’Ermitage Hotel in Beverly Hills, on the tented roof-top that was transformed into a celebrity, VIP and media retreat with the help of Illuminated Industries and other sponsors!

Before we go any further, I’d like to tell you about GBK’s commitment to raising awareness for charitable causes. This year’s charity beneficiary is (RED)™ – a non-profit organization created by Bono and Bobby Shriver to unite iconic companies and consumer power in the fight against AIDS in Africa. Since its inception in March 2006, sales from (RED)™ products and events have generated over $190 million for the Global Fund to invest in African AIDS programs. (RED)™ funds are focused on fighting AIDS through the elimination of mother-to-child transmission of HIV by 2015. Every day 1,000 babies are born with HIV, but by 2105 that number could be virtually zero.

We had a great time at GBK’s MTV Movie Awards Gift Lounge; the weather was absolutely beautiful, the ambiance exquisite and the products simply fabulous! We loved talking to every sponsor we met and fell in love with their products and/or cause. We feel privileged to have had the opportunity to attend!

[Read the whole article at]