Christmas Light Gift Ideas

If you have a friend or family member that enjoys decorating for the Christmas season – chances are they like to incorporate lights into their displays both inside and outside the home. Animated reindeer that appear to graze in snow-covered lawns and larger bucks with glowing antlers are popular choices for the holidays. However, you can surprise a loved one with an early present by choosing one of the following creative Christmas light gift ideas.

Creative Animal Lawn Decorations

When it comes to Christmas lawn decorations, animals are a favorite option. From panda bears to pigs, you never know what you will find when looking for a gift. Dressed in a Santa coat, the Trim a Home Holiday Pig (shown) offers a shade of pink to the front yard of Christmas light fanatics. The lighted crystal pig is illuminated with the help of 150 clear lights. The lighting effect is enhanced by crystalline spun material that covers the sturdy pre-wired metal frame. The pig is easy to set up and store, and comes with spare fuse and bulbs. You can find this holiday pig at Sears or online, which can be used both indoor and outdoor.

Cartoon Character Christmas Decorations

One of the most popular animated figures to decorate the lawns of holiday decorators comes from Disney, where Mickey, Minnie, and Pluto come to life in lights. Other characters for your lawn include Garfield’s Odie the dog, Snoopy from the Peanuts Gang, and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

Sports Related Christmas Lights

For the sports fanatic looking for unique ways to express their loyalty, Christmas yard decorations that feature their favorite team in lights would make an exciting gift. There are Christmas lawn decorations that depict sporting scenes, including hockey (like this Ottawa Senators player) and football (like this Georgia Tech player).

Victorian Christmas Light Scene

A lover of Victorian history and literature may enjoy a lighted scene or just one decoration that depicts the time period. Creative Decorating offers lighted Victorian skaters (man, woman, boy and girl), animated horse, and animated carriage. Other animated scenes offered by the website include a waving Santa, three-car train set, and set of Santa and his reindeer.

Other Christmas lights to consider gifting include:

  • Toy Soldiers – offers a small (150 bulbs) and large (200 bulbs) toy soldier for fans of the Nutcracker Suite.
  • Snowflakes – Creative Decorating offers the elegance of illuminated snowflakes in different shapes and colors, such as warm white (a golden color), pure white and blue.
  • Angels – All American Christmas Co. offers a handful of angels – from the LED animated angel spreading her wings to the heralding angel with horn pointed to the sky.

Gifts for Women’s Small Business Month

In October, Women’s Small Business Month is observed, which celebrates the success, achievements and products of women. Today, an increasing number of women are turning their creative ideas into full-fledged moneymakers. To give appreciation for the female entrepreneur in your life, consider gifts that help celebrate Women’s Small Business Month.


When it comes to running a small business, there is a lot of paperwork to keep an eye on. There are contracts to sign and materials to transport for those that attend business meetings. To enhance a professional appearance, a good briefcase does wonders. A few places to shop for briefcases designed for women includes Macy’s,, and eBags. One of our favorite briefcases, the McKleinUSA LA GRANGE 96495 Black Leather Ladies’ Briefcase (shown) offers a stylish leather laptop case that comes with wheels – perfect for the businesswoman always on the go.

Stylish Laptop Case

Nowadays, a small business owner can run an entire enterprise from in front of their laptop. This portable miracle worker can play an important role in keeping in contact with clients, buying supplies, and updating financial records. This is why it’s important to protect it when on the go, which makes a laptop bag or case a functional gift for businesswomen. One of our favorites is GRACESHIP Women’s Laptop Bag – “New York” Computer Bag / Briefcase / Messenger Bag.

Business Suit

Browse the closet of the small business owner in your life and evaluate their business attire. Do they have at least one good suit? If so, what colors do they lack? Are they in need of an updated look? Keep in mind that different colors send out a variety of messages. Classic colors are black, navy (perfect for business meetings and presentations) and gray. Suits with earth tones convey friendliness and can make unhappy or new clients feel more at ease. If you do not feel comfortable purchasing a business suit for someone else, you can always give a gift certificate to a store that offers business wear for women.

Software Upgrade

There are endless software titles to consider for a small business owner, such as software that keeps people better organized, which can come in handy for someone just starting out. Seek out graphics and illustration software for creative small business owners – think Adobe, Macromedia, and Corel. Allow a loved one to put away scraps of chicken scratch in exchange for budgeting and accounting software, such as Quicken, that helps keep an eye on profits much easier. Other gift ideas include anti-virus programs, Office Suite software, and contact management software.

Office Plant or Tree

Plants and trees can provide a relaxing element in a chaotic, fast-paced atmosphere. If a loved one has an office of their own, brighten their surroundings with an office plant or tree
icon. Ideas include a small bonsai
icon to decorate a desk or a potted eye-catching cactus to take up space in a corner of the room.

Unique Gift Giving in September

With all the buzz about back-to-school gifts, some of the lesser known observances in September often go unnoticed. From celebrating women of achievement to paying homage to jazz music, the month is filled with many quirky, fun celebrations. When you’re looking for a unique way to give a gift this month, consider some of the special acknowledgements in September.

Apple Month

Apple lovers across the nation will rejoice to know that September is Apple Month – a program related to the U.S. Apple Association. Originally started as National Apple Week in 1904, the observance was expanded in 1996 to include a three-month promotional window from September through November. Schedule an apple-picking adventure or gift a gourmet apple pie. Other apple gift ideas include a gift basket of caramel apples, red apple apron, and apple-scented gift soaps. For an extravagant gesture, consider gifting an Apple iPhone, iPod or iPad.

National Sewing Month

Thanks to President Ronald Reagan, National Sewing Month was born in 1982 to recognize “the importance of home sewing to our Nation.” To celebrate this observance, pay attention to the crafters in your life. Challenge their talent with new patterns. Encourage a new project by creating a gift basket filled with needles, thread, gadgets, and other sewing goodies. Introduce a child to a beginners sewing kit, such as the Chicken Socks – Super Simple Sewing. Gift a new sewing machine (like Brother SE400 Combination Computerized Sewing and Embroidery Machine) for the small business owner in your life.

Self-Improvement Month

For family and friends looking to improve their overall quality of life, September is the perfect time to start because it is also Self-Improvement Month. It’s a nice time to encourage loved ones to improve their health, quit smoking, lose weight, or take up a new hobby. Gift ideas include a membership to the gym or Zumba classes, hypnosis CDs, self-improvement books, exercise equipment, yoga DVDs, and motivational jewelry.

Rice Month

Sponsored by the USA Rice Federation, Rice Month is a program held in the month of September that highlights the contribution of this important staple to the public. Events are held at local grocery stores and restaurants, but you can show your praise by sending gifts to family and friends. Establish a rice gift exchange that samples the rice of loved ones living in different parts of the U.S. Consider creating a gourmet rice gift basket with accompanying cooking utensils, like the Aroma ARC-150SB 10-Cup Digital Rice Cooker and Steamer.

Gift Ideas for National Yoga Month – September

Thanks to the Department of Health & Human Services, September is known as the official National Yoga Month. Offering a wealth of health benefits, people use this month to create an awareness of the practice. To celebrate National Yoga Month, consider spreading the word and cheer with related gifts. The following suggestions:

Personalized Yoga Mat

YogaMatic allows you to have the image of your choice transferred onto a yoga mat that uses flexible, water-based Dri-Touch inks that are free of solvents. As a result, the finish is odor free and non-toxic. This personalized yoga gift also makes a great present for a birthday or Christmas.  The company also offers pilates mats and other personalized yoga accessories, such as a customized yoga towel.

Yoga Wear

Over the years, the different options in yoga wear has skyrocketed. In an array of colors, sizes and styles, yoga gear offers the likes of V-neck slit tunics, boot cut yoga pants, pleated tanks, cami unitards, yoga shorts, hooded shirts, and cotton inversion shorts. To get started, browse the selection at Gaiam – a website that concentrates on yoga clothing, products and accessories.

Yoga DVD

For the loved one that likes to exercise in the comfort of their own home, a yoga DVD makes an inexpensive gesture for National Yoga Month. For beginners, consider a kit that comes with a DVD, such as  The FIRM’s Beginner Yoga Kit. For a challenge, Power Yoga Total Body Workout DVD with Rodney Yee comes highly recommended.

Water Bottle

Allow the personality of your loved one to shine through when you give the gift of water…as in a new water bottle. Replace an old favorite or provide an extra bottle that delivers clean, filtered water. For example, Hydros bottles come equipped with a quick filtering top. Seek out colorful BPA-free plastics or opt for one made out of decorative stainless steel.

Subscription to a Yoga Class

Introduce a loved one to the relaxation and flexibility that comes with yoga. Give a gift that allows them to pay a visit to the local gym, which typically offers a handful of yoga classes to meet various levels of ability. Yoga classes are perfect for relieving stress and keeping the mind and body active.

How to Make an Affordable Spa Gift Basket

When working with a tight gift-giving budget, you don’t have to break the bank on fancy, expensive arrangements. There are plenty of ways to create tasteful gifts on your own. With a little imagination and knowing where to find the best deals, you’re well on your way to putting the finishing touches on a personalized spa gift for your loved one.

Start with a Container

Always save gently used wicker baskets and other attractive containers hanging around the house, which can come in handy when creating a gift basket. Think outside of the box, such as using an empty decorative popcorn tin. If you don’t have anything that suits your needs, the Dollar Store offers a range of decorative options.

Pick a Theme for the Gift Basket

What kind of gift basket do you want to create – one that focuses on a specific need, color, or scent? A foot spa gift basket may include a pumice stone, foot scrub, moisturizer, wooden foot massager, spa slippers, pedicure socks, and pedicure tool set. Add a manicure tool set, cuticle cream, nail treatment, scrub brush, hand lotion, and nail polishes to a hand spa gift basket. Treat a loved one to a facial spa gift basket with a relaxing eye mask, exfoliant, moisturizer, lip gloss, facial cleansers, and cooling splashes.

Cut Costs by Making Your Own Products

Create handmade bath and beauty products to help stay within your spa gift basket budget. For example, instead of buying aromatherapy bath salts, consider making your own. To save money, this homemade bath salts recipe combines 3 cups of Epsom salt, 1 cup of baking soda, and 1 cup of sea salt. Use a large spoon or your hands to blend the ingredients. Add 3 drops of any essential oil to the salts – a couple at a time. Take your time because if you add too much oil, you’ll end up with an overwhelming scent. Fragrance suggestions for your bath salts include lavender, tea tree oil, peppermint, and rose.

Add Candles

Candles help set the relaxing mood that comes with a pampering spa gift. They are also an inexpensive way to add character, color, and bulk to a gift basket. You can choose from a variety of scents, aromatherapy effects, and colors to match the theme of your gift basket. Choose peppermint to uplift the spirits. Lavender helps calm the nerves. Patchouli is known to jumpstart the romance.

Record a CD of Favorite Tunes

Record a compilation of your gift basket recipient’s favorite tunes to ensure a relaxing atmosphere as they enjoy their collection of products.

The Finishing Touches

When looking for items to add bulk to your spa gift basket, consider the functional selections, such as:

  • Inflatable bath pillow
  • Handmade soap
  • Loofah sponge
  • Exfoliating mitt
  • Comfortable slippers

Decorate with Ribbons, Bows and Embellishments

The Dollar Store offers an assortment of decorations for a spa gift basket, including colorful ribbons, shiny bows, and tissue paper. Craft shops, such as Michaels and JoAnn Fabrics, also host weekly sales on decorative supplies. Scan the local newspaper for coupons that reach up to 50% off one item.

Birthday Gift Ideas Using Zodiac Signs: July 23 to Jan 19

When it comes to getting a birthday gift for a loved one or friend, personality traits truly make the process much easier to accomplish. But, sometimes you need assistance in choosing a gift that fits the individual. Maybe you could use a little help from the stars. Zodiac signs and astrology have been highlighting traits of people for centuries. Consider the characteristics below when shopping for a Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Capricorn.

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Leo (July 23–Aug 22)

While Leos tend to enjoy being the center of attention, they are also kind-hearted, generous, and passionate. Winning often provides a rush for this zodiac personality. You may consider organizing a poker night party with friends or planning a surprise overnight stay at a casino. Extravagant gifts are often a real hit with this zodiac sign, such as fine jewelry and brand-name clothing. The playfulness of Leos will also love a collection of new board games.

Virgo (Aug 23–Sept 22)

Virgos frequently focus on the details in life and often seek perfection and knowledge in everyday living. They tend to enjoy organization and efficiency, which opens the doors for many home gifts, such as an eye-catching centerpiece rug or convenient kitchen gadget (like the Cake Batter Dispenser With Measuring Label). Choose colorful accessories for the fashion-conscious Virgo. Also consider practical gifts for this zodiac sign, such as a personalized appointment book. Fitness gifts also appeal to many Virgos.

Libra (Sept 23–Oct 22)

One of the personality qualities associated with Libras is their need for balance. They also tend to have a flair for creativity, including music and art. Spring for tickets to one of their favorite bands or musicians. Choose a pair of cufflinks for a Libra man. Any type of jewelry will do for the Libra woman. Libras also enjoy heartfelt presents that don’t cost an arm and a leg, but have a special meaning.

Scorpio (Oct 23–Nov 21)

There’s mystery to the Scorpio zodiac sign because they tend to keep to themselves. However, upon further inspection, you’ll find intensity, passion and power. Scorpios also love uncovering secrets, so keep them guessing on their birthday with a scavenger hunt surprise party. Gift sexy lingerie to a birthday girl and plan seductive getaways for birthday boys. Other gift ideas include bath sets with alluring scents, housewares with crystal accents, massages at the local spa, or a date to a murder mystery theater.

Sagittarius (Nov 22–Dec 21)

Always on the move and constantly thinking, Sagittarians enjoy adventure, which can come in handy when choosing a birthday gift. Book a hot air balloon ride or plan a camping trip. A lot of Sagittarians are the outdoorsy type and could use new gear, hiking supplies, and other sporting goods. A day of horseback riding is also ideal for the loved one born under the sign associated with the horse.

Capricorn (Dec 22–Jan 19)

With an ambitious streak and the patience to wait for things to fall into place, Capricorns are constantly looking for the next best thing to conquer. This sign tends to be attracted to fine art, clocks, watches, and ceramics. Consider gifting a fancy desk set, engraved clock, or personalized pen set. Since they often forego indulgent purchases, get a gift they’d never dream of buying. Ideas include a day at the spa or sexy lingerie.

Birthday Gift Ideas Using Zodiac Signs: Jan 20 to July 22

When you’re searching for birthday gift ideas and have no clue what to get a loved one, let their zodiac sign lead the way. You can easily find a gift that celebrates a specific zodiac sign – from jewelry (such as earrings and pendants) to coffee mugs. Below you will learn a few common characteristics associated with Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, and Cancer that could help you choose a suitable gift:

Aquarius (Jan 20–Feb 18)

Aquarians tend to have an eccentric side that can make gift giving pretty fun. It’s advised to choose presents that speak to their individual quirks. They also tend to have an eco-friendly mindset, which creates endless gift ideas. Look for vintage clothing or recycled handmade jewelry. Electronic gadgets are also a hit with Aquarians. A real bonus is when the gadget relates to travel, for example, this Digital Luggage Scale is a lifesaver! It helps avoid overweight baggage fees at the airport. Another nice gadget is the Anker® Portable External Battery USB Charger for smartphones and tablets which is a great power resource to keep the USB recharged devices operating while traveling.

Pisces (Feb 19–March 20)

Gifts that involve fantasy and creativity are ideal for those born under the zodiac sign of Pisces. Because of this, gift giving could come in the form of a fantasy novel, video game, book of poetry, or tickets to a musical. Water plays an important role in the life of this sign. Perhaps a birthday trip to an aquarium or snorkeling adventure would make the perfect gift. Take a dinner cruise on a boat. For the nature-loving Pisces, dress up their home with a tropical plant like the Hinterland Trading Air Plant Tillandsia Bromeliads Kit Teardrop Terrarium.

Aries (March 21–Apr 19)

This fun-loving sign is often impulsive and fearless. Those born under Aries tend to like being #1, making personalized gifts ideal for this zodiac sign. Treat an Aries birthday boy or girl to an activity that encourages them to do something new and daring, such as bungee jumping, skydiving, or rock climbing. The sporty Aries will enjoy tickets to their favorite team or themed clothing.

Taurus (Apr 20–May 20)

The Taurean is practical yet has a sensual side that likes to stay within their comfort zone. Treat a loved one to a gourmet night of dining or a surprise party at a cozy jazz lounge. Taureans are often collectors, so adding to their treasure trove of items will certainly put a smile on his or her face. Think of a personalized money clip for the finance-minded Taurean. Gift ideas also include a cashmere sweater, velvet evening dress, or Egyptian cotton bedding.

Gemini (May 21–June 20)

Full of energy, the Gemini sign is associated with talkative, personable, knowledgeable individuals. Because of this, consider gifting a magazine subscription they wouldn’t normally splurge on. Technology gifts are a real winner with Geminis, who often have their eye on the latest cell phone, laptop or other method of communication. With an appreciation for variety, you may choose a handful of small gestures instead of one large gift.

Cancer (June 21–July 22)

Cancers tend to enjoy sticking with tradition and being surrounded by family. Plan a birthday party with close relatives and friends – making sure to take plenty of snapshots for the photo album. Choose gifts with sentimental value for Cancers, such as scrapbooks or a personalized photo frame. For the homebody, pair a candlelight dinner with a gourmet apple pie. Other gift ideas include a vacuum cleaner, linen set, or kitchen appliance (like the Keurig K60/K65 Single Serve Coffee Maker).

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Gift Ideas for Guitar Players

What gift do you get the loved one who dabbled in a high school band, dreamed of becoming a rock star, or simply has a passion for strumming his or her own tunes? Guitar players come in all shapes and sizes with varying levels of enthusiasm. To give a gift that speaks to their talents and interests, consider the following suggestions:

Personalized Guitar Pick

Guitar players use picks to work their magic. This small flat tool is used to pluck or strum the instrument. Picks come in a variety of styles and colors – fashioned out of rubber, plastic, wood, metal, glass, stone, and tortoiseshell. Some picks are made with custom designs that you can choose as a gift for a guitar player. For a personalized pick, consider the services of Unique Laser Engraving, which prints logos, text, and short messages on picks. They also offer digitally printed photo picks.

Music-Related Jewelry

From the treble G-clef to music notes, it’s pretty easy to find music-related jewelry for the guitar lover. An example includes this Guitar Necklace with pewter cast and plated in 24k gold. For the electric guitar player, consider this Silver and Black Necklace with crystal accents for an affordable price. Necklaces and pendants are quite popular, but you may also consider guitar earrings and rings.

Personalized Guitar Strap

A guitar strap makes it easier for a player to create music for longer periods of time. Gift a strap that highlights the personality of your loved one or friend. Some straps offer vibrant hues, while others concentrate on sophisticated embellishments. Choose materials and colors that fit their energy. Some of the customized features to consider for your gift include:

Music Memorabilia

When you are familiar with the favorite guitar players, bands, songs, and other music-related interests of your loved one, it’s easier to expand the creativity of your gift ideas. Vintage posters, concert tickets, autographed pictures, sheet music, and framed magazine covers are just some of the gifts you may consider.

Vintage Guitar

For the collector in your family, there are plenty of opportunities to find a vintage piece of equipment to brighten their day. To browse acoustic beauties to older electric models, pay a visit to the local pawn shop, music shop, or online site, such as eBay.  A few less expensive vintage gift ideas for guitar players include picks, cases, and straps.

How to Save Money on Gifts –

The Internet offers a wide range of opportunities to save money on gifts with a multitude of websites geared towards shoppers looking for deals, discounts, clearances, and super sales. is a well-rounded online resource that makes it easy to find the bargains you seek.

Today’s Best Deals has a section called Today’s Best Deals, which offers customer-selected leads on the best online deals and coupons. The bargains range from flat-screen televisions to clearance sales at your favorite clothing stores. Some deals are Buy 1, Get 1 free offers. Many selections offer low or free shipping. also makes it easier to gauge how much money you will save because they list the original prices for the items. An example of what you may find is a Samsung laptop for $599.00 + $4.99 shipping (originally priced at $849.00).

Save with Store Coupons

With stores such as Disney, Sony, Barnes & Noble, and Finish Line, posts the coupons that can help you save money on gifts. A lot of popular coupons in this section provide discounts on electronics, such as flat-screen televisions, computer monitors, and laptops.

Hot Deal Forum

With tips on how to save money on brand name products, this forum provides additional details on some of the offers found in Today’s Best Deals, as well as other advertised sales. Here, you can communicate with someone who has dealt with a specific company before, purchased the same deal, or can give helpful insight on a particular product.

Cash Back Opportunities

If you are interested in receiving cash back on your online purchases, offers commission opportunities that go into your own account. The more gifts you purchase through their cash back store links, the more money you stand to get back. There are hundreds of stores that offer cash back savings, such as Lenovo, Sears, Macy’s, and

Gift Ideas for National Dairy Month – June

Choosing gifts for National Dairy Month in June means keeping a lookout for items that involve milk, cheese, and the by-products of these healthy ingredients. A simple carton of a favorite flavor of ice cream can help you celebrate with loved ones. However, you will find below that you don’t always have to choose something edible for a National Dairy Month gift, but it certainly doesn’t hurt.

Gourmet Cheesecake

From double chocolate to strawberry topped, check your local cheesecake shop for favorite standbys and unique flavors. Consider purchasing a gourmet or out-of-the-ordinary selection. Another gift idea is to treat loved ones to a sampler like Suzy’s Four-Flavor Cheesecake Gift Sampler that includes New York Style, Chocolate Amaretto, Black Forest Cherry and Turtle Cheesecake.

Cheese Platter

Sharp cheddar, pepper jack, provolone, and feta are just some of the cheeses you may include in a cheese platter for your loved one. Usually, this type of gift is joined with a selection of crackers, and meat (such as summer sausage and pepperoni). Hickory Farms is a popular place to purchase cheese-related gifts, but the local grocery store also offers suitable options.

Ice Cream Maker

An ice cream lover will truly enjoy having the power to create his or her own frozen concoctions. In a range of shapes, sizes, prices, brands and models, there is no shortage of ice cream machines and accessories to consider. For example, the Cuisinart ICE-21TQ Frozen Yogurt-Ice Cream & Sorbet Maker comes in stylish colors, such as turquoise and red. You could also opt for an old-fashioned machine, such as the Maxi-Matic EIM-502 Elite Gourmet 4-Quart Pine-Bucket Electric/Manual Ice-Cream Maker.

Cow Lover Items

National Dairy Month is the perfect time to purchase gifts for the cow lover in your life. From cow-spot pajamas to a Kissing Cow And Bull Salt & Pepper Shakers Set, there are many fun ideas for gifts. For the younger crowd, give your child, niece or nephew a cow stuffed animal. Find one that moos and you may have a best friend for life.

‘Got Milk’ T-Shirt

Who can resist the iconic slogan for milk lovers during Dairy Month? A “Got Milk?” t-Shirt is a simple way to celebrate the national holiday with a bit of humor.

Milk Mustache Book

If you know someone that appreciates a good coffee table book, consider celebrating National Dairy Month with the The Milk Mustache Book: A Behind-The-Scenes Look at America’s Favorite Advertising Campaign, which provides snapshots of famous milk mustache wearers, such as Dennis Rodman, Naomi Campbell, and Conan O’Brien.

More Gift Ideas

Aurora Plush Cow TubbieWubbie - 12"

COW LOVER Street Sign

Picnic Time Circo Cheese Set

Plastic Ice Cream Dishes (12)

Gift Ideas for a Golden Anniversary

Reaching a golden anniversary in a relationship means that a couple’s marriage has lasted for 50 years – making it a truly special milestone to celebrate. As the name suggests, gold plays an important role in gift giving for this life achievement, as it is a traditional and contemporary color and material. Gold is associated with optimism and wealth. It is certainly an eye-catching metal, and is also strong and resistant to corrosion. When choosing a gift for a golden anniversary, consider the following suggestions:

Golden Rings

There are many different ways to choose an anniversary gift that incorporates golden rings. Perhaps you could choose an alluring pair of gold napkin rings, matching gold rings with one another’s birthstone, gold hoop earrings for the lady, or matching gold ring necklace pendants.

Golden Topaz Jewelry

If you’d like to choose a golden-colored gemstone to dazzle your dear, consider the golden topaz, which is used in meditation circles for its calming and energizing properties. Consider a pair of dangling earrings or a customized ring.

Gold Trimmed Gifts

For the couple that enjoys entertaining guests or the finer things in life, choose a gift that allows a golden anniversary couple to decorate their dinner table using china and/or crystal with a gold trim. If they take pleasure in the occasional bubbly beverage, gold-rimmed champagne glasses make another delightful gift idea.

A Bouquet of Violets

The flower associated with a 50th anniversary is the violet. Therefore, gifting a bouquet is a nice way to say ‘I love you.’ You may also incorporate the bloom into other golden anniversary gestures, such as a violet-colored silk scarf, homemade dinner with violets at the center of the table, a collection of violet-scented candles, or a perfume with a flowery scent.

icon iconEmbroidered Item

A popular gift idea for golden anniversary couples is to commemorate their lifelong love with a personalized present. Use the name, date of marriage, and other sentimental details to create a unique gift. For example, offers the snuggle-inducing Our Golden Anniversary Wedding Bells Afghan – made from 100% cotton and using gold thread to highlight significant information.

A Tree

Plant a tree in honor of your 50 years together and decorate with golden ribbons.

Golden Photo Album or Scrapbook

Fifty years together produces a never-ending wealth of memories. Choose a golden photo album for the assemblage of photos and other details of a marriage. Add wedding announcements, movie ticket stubs, play bills, vacation snapshots, birthday cards, handwritten notes, and newspaper clippings to create an unforgettable remembrance.

Gifts that Celebrate National Hamburger Month in May

For the true hamburger lover in your life, you should take heed to the month of May, as many people across the country will celebrate National Hamburger Month. While your favorite eateries may offer discounts and deals, this is also the perfect time to find a quirky gift for family and friends who appreciate a good burger.

Hamburger Book

Filled with interesting facts, trivia, recipes and helpful tidbits, a book centered on hamburgers gives family and friends a multitude of ideas for their next delicious creations. A few titles to consider include Burger Bar: Build Your Own Ultimate Burgers, The Hamburger: A History (Icons of America), and Hamburger Heaven: The Illustrated History of the Hamburger.

A New Grill

For the loved one who enjoys grilling hamburgers, perhaps they’re in need of new equipment. Nowadays, the options available on the market are enough to make your head spin. For example, the Char-Broil Classic 480 40000 BTU 4-Burner Gas Grill with Side Burner comes with a coated cast iron grill top, a temperature gauge on the lid and large metal side shelves.

Gift Basket of Sauces and Seasonings

From fiery hot sauce to Cajun spices, a hamburger connoisseur will drool over a gift basket of their favorite sauces and seasonings. This is also the perfect time to introduce them to products they’ve never used before or have even heard of. Explore flavorful fruity marinades that make use of peaches, strawberries, and blackberries. Consider specialty BBQ sauces that incorporate traces of Jack Daniel‘s or Southern Comfort. Create a gift basket with a variety of selections that encourages creativity and experimentation on the grill.

Nostalgic Hamburger Memorabilia

Celebrate a love of hamburgers with a bit of old-fashioned fun. Your loved one may reach out and call someone on a spiffy new Cheeseburger Telephone. With a diner feel to it, choose a Burger Wall Clock to liven up a kitchen scene. Other hamburger gifts include an assortment of metal signs (featuring the old style advertisements of hamburgers), pendants, T-shirts, a hamburger toy bank, and other souvenirs and memorabilia for hamburger nostalgia.