A gift of a the written word is a great literary treasure. It is both artistic and personal, at the same time!


There are various types of books you can use such as notebooks, journals, or a mini book. A small individual book is unique in its pocket size quality. A journal is a daily record of personal experiences. Keeping a notebook is beneficial for organizing your ideas to be used by others. One unique characteristic you can add to the side of the pages is an antique look by having the edges rough instead of completely smooth. Lastly, you should put the person’s name on the inside the of the book cover to personalize it.


There are a few things you can offer to write about for your special someone. They are recipes, poetry, or stories about your memories pertaining to special events and occasions. It can be journal or diary like as you jot down all of your thoughts.

Recipes can be for dinner entrees or for baking desserts. Poems can be heartfelt and express your inner most thoughts and feelings towards your receiver, whether the rhyme or not. Lastly, simply tell your history is loving. It paints a picture in the individuals mind that is more precious that anything you could have purchased at any retail store.


Since the book is a square shape, you can wrap it perfectly. Then, take a bow and tie it in the center.

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