Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Today’s selection of Mother’s Day gifts includes designs created by some of our loyal Facebook fans: Olympia, Sarah and Valerie. Click on their names to visit their stores. We also included a couple of gifts from our sister site: Etoonsy. Enjoy our selection and don’t forget to join 1 Happy Corner on Facebook and Twitter.

Mom Mother's Day Gifts Coffee Mug
Mom Mother's Day Gifts Coffee Mug by zazzleproducts1
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Love You Mom Aprons
Love You Mom Aprons by zazzleproducts1
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Soccer Mom Shirts
Soccer Mom Shirts by magarmor
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Mom's Jobs Mother's Day Long Apron
Mom's Jobs Mother's Day Long Apron by koncepts
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Lil Peanut Mothers Day Card
Lil Peanut Mothers Day Card by reflections06
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World's Sweetest Mom Pillows
World's Sweetest Mom Pillows by LizaPhoenix
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Wobble Penguin Gift for Mom - Apron
Wobble Penguin Gift for Mom – Apron by Etoonsy
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Gifts for Women’s Small Business Month

In October, Women’s Small Business Month is observed, which celebrates the success, achievements and products of women. Today, an increasing number of women are turning their creative ideas into full-fledged moneymakers. To give appreciation for the female entrepreneur in your life, consider gifts that help celebrate Women’s Small Business Month.


When it comes to running a small business, there is a lot of paperwork to keep an eye on. There are contracts to sign and materials to transport for those that attend business meetings. To enhance a professional appearance, a good briefcase does wonders. A few places to shop for briefcases designed for women includes Macy’s,, and eBags. One of our favorite briefcases, the McKleinUSA LA GRANGE 96495 Black Leather Ladies’ Briefcase (shown) offers a stylish leather laptop case that comes with wheels – perfect for the businesswoman always on the go.

Stylish Laptop Case

Nowadays, a small business owner can run an entire enterprise from in front of their laptop. This portable miracle worker can play an important role in keeping in contact with clients, buying supplies, and updating financial records. This is why it’s important to protect it when on the go, which makes a laptop bag or case a functional gift for businesswomen. One of our favorites is GRACESHIP Women’s Laptop Bag – “New York” Computer Bag / Briefcase / Messenger Bag.

Business Suit

Browse the closet of the small business owner in your life and evaluate their business attire. Do they have at least one good suit? If so, what colors do they lack? Are they in need of an updated look? Keep in mind that different colors send out a variety of messages. Classic colors are black, navy (perfect for business meetings and presentations) and gray. Suits with earth tones convey friendliness and can make unhappy or new clients feel more at ease. If you do not feel comfortable purchasing a business suit for someone else, you can always give a gift certificate to a store that offers business wear for women.

Software Upgrade

There are endless software titles to consider for a small business owner, such as software that keeps people better organized, which can come in handy for someone just starting out. Seek out graphics and illustration software for creative small business owners – think Adobe, Macromedia, and Corel. Allow a loved one to put away scraps of chicken scratch in exchange for budgeting and accounting software, such as Quicken, that helps keep an eye on profits much easier. Other gift ideas include anti-virus programs, Office Suite software, and contact management software.

Office Plant or Tree

Plants and trees can provide a relaxing element in a chaotic, fast-paced atmosphere. If a loved one has an office of their own, brighten their surroundings with an office plant or tree
icon. Ideas include a small bonsai
icon to decorate a desk or a potted eye-catching cactus to take up space in a corner of the room.

Women and Fitness – Gift Ideas

It is very well known that exercise and regular physical activity can help you reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. And when it comes to women (like new moms, for example), being fit can help them lose or control their weight loss.

Belly Burner
Belly Burner. photo courtesy of Taylor Gifts

Here are some tips to consider when choosing gifts for your loved one:

Start slow!

If your loved one hasn’t done any kind of exercise in a while, they will need to start sloooow… maybe 10 minutes at a time. Stretching, walking around the block, gardening, going up and down the stairs, swimming and dancing are just a few activities they can do to start off their fitness routine. The Belly Burner is a perfect gift idea for those who want to be fit again! It’s very convenient: they can wear it under and over clothing while they are doing their daily activities and it’s even more effective if worn during the daily exercise routine.

Make it easy!

The Ab Flyer. Photo courtesy of Taylor Gifts

Going to the gym is somewhat strenuous on most people, especially on new moms who have to be home with their babies. So, why not bring the gym into their home? The Ab Flyer, for example, makes a great gift for moms who want to tone up their tummies. It is easy to store (folds) and easy to use; it works all the abdominal muscles in a Unique Reverse Arc Motion.

Make it fun!

Routines can be rather boring. However, your gift can change that! You can:
– offer them tickets to the zoo, a craft show or to a dog show so they can walk for at least a couple of hours;
– pay for dancing lessons;
– buy them roller skates or bicycle accessories like a double wall bike rack

Do NOT get discouraged!

Give them a Journal and ask them to write down their goal and reasons; then ask them to keep a record of their milestones. This should keep them motivated.

Birthstone Jewelry Gifts for Mother’s Day

Jewelry that incorporates the birthstone(s) of mother and child(ren) make cherished Mother’s Day gifts because the pieces are drenched with special meaning. From earrings clustered with gemstones to a ring dotted with colorful sparklers, there are plenty of creative ways to take advantage of the beauty and symbolic nature of birthstone jewelry for Mother’s Day.

Loving Family® Small Mother’s Heart Birthstone Locket

With this locket, which is shaped like a heart, you’ll receive a set of 12 birthstones, including the dark red garnet for January and light blue aquamarine for March. Inside the locket, up to 4 birthstones can be on display, surrounded by silver filigree detailing. An added feature of the locket is that it is eco-friendly – made from recycled silver and produced in the American Southwest using fair labor practices.

Mother’s Bracelet

The Sterling Silver & Birthstone Cube Crystal Mother Bracelet by Lily Brooke Jewelry offers a single strand to highlight the name of one child with accompanying birthstones. This Mother’s Day gift delivers the irresistible sparkle of Swarovski crystals – the colors will correspond with any birth month.

Family Birthstone Hearts Name Solitaire Ring

This attractive sterling silver ring is customized with the names of loved ones – each with their own sparkling Austrian crystal birthstone. This particular ring has room for up to six names with a limit of 10 letters or spaces for each. The ring must have a minimum of two names. Available in women’s ring sizes 6 to 10, this personalized Mother’s Day gift is simply unforgettable.

Family Tree Birthstone Pendant

From shimmering white gold pieces to the classic look of yellow gold, birthstone pendants in the shape of a tree are popular because they signify the strength and bonds of family. Many pieces of Mother’s Day jewelry that use a tree in its design (like the one shown here) often position birthstones nestled in between branches or at the tips. You may also encounter the mother’s birthstone placed at the base of the tree. Some designs can accommodate up to 10 stones for mothers with large families. The possibilities are endless for this highly emblematic Mother’s Day gift.

2009 Valentine’s Gift Guide –

We mentioned WomensColoring in our 2009 Valentine’s Gift Guide.

The Color Of Joy. photo courtesy of

This gift idea is a gorgeous coloring book for women called THE COLOR OF JOY. Available online at

In the month it’s been out it’s gotten amazing feedback from women across the board who have found the site. There are testimonials from customers that you can read to see the response it’s getting.  Many women have ordered one for themselves, and when they actually have it in hand, come back to the site and order more for friends and relatives.

Coloring is the best kept secret out there for stress reduction! Playing with color is deeply relaxing, meditative, incredibly fun (with no artistic skill required), and it’s completely addictive once you start. This book, designed specifically for women has a colorful glossy cover that’s very visually appealing, and beautiful 9×12 inch art tablet sized drawings, with inspirational and sometimes humorous writings to go with the drawings.

A great Valentines Day gift idea for a wife or girlfriend — impress them with how sensitive you are with this unique gift designed for relaxation… Throw in pack of magic markers and it’s like a mini-retreat without leaving home.

Price:  $22.99

International Women’s Day

Every year, on the 8th of March, the International community celebrates the International Women’s Day.

It started as a political event in 1909; however, in modern days, mostly in Europe, the significance of this day is a mixture of St. Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day when all men show their LOVE towards women by offering flowers and small gifts or by taking them out to dinner. International Women’s Day is also considered the first spring holiday.

On this special day, I would like to wish A HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY to all women out there! Mostly to the ones that struggle so much in poverty, fight disease or hang in there raising 5-6 kids! Ladies, there is still hope for PEACE and a better world.

If you want to find out more about International Women’s Day, please visit: