E-Readers for Gifts

When looking for a gift to satisfy a book enthusiast, you may want to consider an e-reader – especially if they enjoy electronics or like to travel. Thanks to the beauty of competition, some of the most popular electronic reading device makers have started to lower their original prices. Other companies are also making it more affordable to give an e-reader as a gift.

What is an E-Reader?

An e-reader (or e-book reader) is a portable electronic device that is made for the purpose of reading digital publications – such as books and periodicals. This type of reader is quite similar to that of a tablet computer, but is limited to the kinds of functions a user is permitted to perform. An electronic paper technology using ‘electronic ink’ creates enhanced readability on the screens. Other advantages include a longer battery life and ability to read in bright sunlight conditions.

Some of the most popular e-readers to consider for a gift include:

  • Amazon Kindle Amazon.com is considered one of the most popular e-readers on the market with a line of products that offers an array of convenient features. The wireless connectivity allows users to shop for, download, browse and read e-books, magazines, and newspapers. The first Kindle was introduced in 2007 with the larger-screened DX model released in 2009. The Kindle Fire HDX not only acts as a reader, but also acts like a tablet computer.
  • Barnes & Noble Nook The Barnes & Noble brand of e-readers was based on using an Android platform that originally launched in 2009. The original device included both Wi-Fi and AT&T 3G wireless connectivity. Some of the models of Nook include the Nook Color with a color LCD screen, and the Nook Simple Touch. One of the latest models is NOOK HD Tablet Snow.
  • Sony Reader Sony released the first in their line of e-readers in 2006, which have evolved over the years. Current models need no power to maintain a static image and offers portrait and landscape orientation. The reader also has the capability of displaying Adobe PDFs, RSS newsfeeds, JPEGs, and can even play MP3 audio files.
  • Kobo Kobo e-readers offer Wireless and Touch models. The Kobo Touch model comes with an infrared touch-screen interface. The device offers 1GB of memory (or around 1,000 books), where you can also use up to 32GB SD card to expand your collection.
  • Pandigital What started as a company that focused on manufacturing digital photo frames, now offers a line of e-readers, such as the Pandigital Novel Digital Book Reader that comes with a 7-inch color screen and Wi-Fi.

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