Father’s Day Gift Guide – Gadgets

Here is our Father’s Day 2009 Gift Guide to Gadgets. Enjoy!

talkaboutMotorola Talkabout MR350R 2-Way Radios

Give dad the practical gift of reliable communications that he can use all year long. With a range of 35 miles, NOAA weather alerts, hand-free operation, an Emergency alert button and flexible charging options from the car, PC, desktop and even in remote areas, the Motorola Talkabout MR350R two-way radios are a perfect and practical gift idea for active on the go dads and lifestyles. They are also the ultimate communication tool for summer family adventures at the park, beach, vacation, camping trip and even a staple for emergency preparedness kits and unexpected emergencies.  The built-in LED flash light is especially handy during unexpected power outages and night-time adventures.

Price:  $64.99

mimobotsSTAR WARSâ„¢ MIMOBOT Series 4 Collection

STAR WARSâ„¢ MIMOBOT Series 4 collection of designer USB flash drives features Darth Maul, multiple Darth Vaders and Clone Captain Rex. Mimoco’s STAR WARS MIMOBOT line of designer flash drives will explore the dark side with an all-new collection, featuring fan favorite Sith Lords and new versions of classic designs.

MIMOBOT designer USB flash drives are available in 1GB to 16GB memory capacities and are bundled with preloaded digital extras to enrich one’s personal desktop experience. STAR WARS MIMOBOT Series 4 includes exclusive STAR WARS-themed wallpapers, screen savers, icons, and avatars. MimoByteâ„¢ sound software rounds out the desktop suite and plays character-specific STAR WARS sound clips from the film’s master audio tracks.

Price: $19.95 for 1GB. Available up to 16 GB.

pulseLivescribe Pulse Smartpen

The Livescribe Pulse Smartpen, a Montblanc-size computer, not only captures all of your writing, but also records everything that is being said so that you never miss a word. Imagine tapping on your notebook with your smartpen and hearing exactly what was said when you wrote it. Your notes/doodles and audio can also be uploaded to your computer to share with friends and colleagues as interactive movies (Flash) or PDF files, search for key terms or even save a copy to your hard drive. In addition, intuitive software tools like a translator, converter, calculator and even Facebook integration extend the smartpen’s capabilities.

Price: $149.99 for 1GB. Available in 2GB.

pshelfThe Power Shelf

Proudly made in the USA of recycled steel, the revolutionary Power Shelf will help you put an end to cluttered messes & tangled cords by creating a neat, organized location to recharge all of your electronic handhelds. Easy to use and installs in seconds. Perfect for cell phones, iPods, hand-held video games, cords, drills, laptops, baby monitors, and more!

Price: $14.99 – $59.99

gripThe Wishbone Gripâ„¢

The Wishbone Gripâ„¢ is much more than just an oversize putter grip, it is the next stage in putting evolution. It is designed to be used with the palms pressed laterally toward one another with the thumbs side-by-side on the front of the grip. Used in this way, the Wishbone Gripâ„¢ separates the hands and neutralizes the wrists and fingers. It naturally aligns the shoulders along the aim line and forces a stroke from the large muscles of the chest and torso, ensuring a simple and consistent motion. While the Wishbone Gripâ„¢ has been shown to cure the yips,” it helps not only yippers, but anyone with poor technique become a better putter.

Both the Wishbone Gripâ„¢ and method are patented (Patent #6,786,835) and the grip conforms to the USGA rules of golf.

Price: $19.95 or 5 + for $14.95

gvideoMark Sly’s Guitar Secrets DVD

Mark Sly’s Secrets (Guitar Teachers Don’t Want You To Know!) Guitar Instructional DVD reveals the “secrets” to playing guitar. Aimed at the novice guitarist, Mark’s unique “Play To Learn” style of teaching allows the student to begin playing the guitar immediately, and learn as they go along.

Mark reveals the tricks that Professional Guitarists use everyday, from Chords to Soloing – all presented in a language everyone can understand and that all level of guitarists can learn from. This DVD shows the aspiring musician the simple way to get started, what to buy, tuning and how to master the fret board, chords and scales without frustration.

Price: $24.99

redeye-package-300x230RedEye Universal Remote Control

ThinkFlood’s RedEye is the first and only universal remote control system for the iPhone on the market today. With the ability to transform any iPhone or iPod touch into a personal remote control, the RedEye systems allows dads to control virtually any home entertainment device from any room in the house. Its sleek and easy-to-use design delivers all the features and functionality of a high-end remote control at a fraction of the cost. And just like a real remote, dads can control it with one hand.  The elegant interface is customizable for maximum control comfort and intuition, and no line-of-sight requirement means users have control of an almost infinite number of devices from any room in the house. Turning on the living room TV from the kitchen? No problem.

Consisting of a small hardware device and a free downloadable software application, RedEye is a simple plug-and-play system that doesn’t require any additional setup expertise.

Price: $119, Introductory Price

vhs-to-dvd-40-deluxe_mini_3d VHS to DVD(TM) Deluxe 4.0

Unlocking the memories held in old Video Cameras or VHS Casettes can be very easy! This ingenious product has received certification from the Blu-ray consortium and is now shipping. MSRP is $79.99 (available in many locations for under $69.00) which includes Blu-ray support, High Def. Video support and editing up to 1080p, and backward compatibility to VHS/NTSC formats.

It makes the perfect gift for Father’s Day!

Price: $79.99

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