Friend Get Dumped? How to Use Gifts to Cheer Her Up

Cheer Up After a Break-Up
Cheer Up After a Break-Up. Photo courtesy of iluvrhinestones

Like millions of Americans, I experienced the roller coaster of emotions this week as Bachelor Jason Mesnick dumped the precious Melissa Rycroft on national television. Getting your heart broken is terrible enough, but can you imagine having it stomped on with the cameras rolling? That’s why I’ve compiled a list of lovely gifts that will help any girl get over her heartbreak. So if you’ve got a friend that needs to cheer up, check out these gifts:


This sassy sticker set from The House of Bachelorette will let your friend know it’s OK to be spiteful… as long as you’re delightful, too. The stickers display funny sayings like, “Want breakfast in bed? Sleep in the kitchen.” Sentiments your friend will likely agree with.


Give your friend the perfect gift to keep her warm at night: the snuggie! Walgreens sells them for just $14.99. It’s a blanket with arms that gives you warmth and mobility. Plus they look pretty silly and we all know laughter can help anybody cheer up.


Nothing can help in times of distress quite like chocolate can. Pick up some chocolate from the new mousse collection from Godiva. It’s a limited edition product that features rich flavor and airy texture.

Magnet Set

Your friend will post these magnets proudly on her refrigerator. They feature 1950s style women with funny phrases like “Ran into my ex. Put it in reverse and hit him again.” Your friend will know it’s OK to be a little bitter. And the best part is they’re on sale for $8.99.

The Perfect Break-Up Movie

There’s something therapeutic about watching break-up movies after a breakup. It must be the happy ending. It helps you realize your happy ending will be just around the corner. Give your friend movies like Forgetting Sarah Marshall or The Break-Up with Jennifer Aniston. Her heart will be on the mend in no time.

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