How To Make Gel Candles

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photo courtesy of Party Boutique

Gel candles can be a beautiful and surprisingly easy gift to make. The good thing about making your own gel candles is that you can personalize it as much as you want. The more personalized a gift is, the more meaning it has to the receiver. I like to always add a great fragranced essential oil, it’s always good to see and smell a candle. It is quite simple to make gel candles just make sure all your items are non-flammable, wish someone would have told me that my first time making oneDoh. These are the needed items:

  • candle gel
  • stainless steel pot
  • zinc wicks
  • thermometer
  • Liquid candle dye
  • essential oil (specially for gel candles)
  • Embeds (things you want in the candle)
  • glass container
  • glue

*easiest way is to buy a candle making kit

Now you’re ready to make your candle. First things first, place hot glue in the center bottom of the glass container. Cut the gel in small pieces so that it can melt evenly. Place cut gel into steel pot on medium heat. Now this is a critical part, make sure the temperature is 200 degrees (use your thermometer). Maintain this temperature until the gel is completely melted. It will have the appearance of syrup. Now add your dye, start with a little and add until it is your desired color. If you are adding embeds, remember to keep the candle mostly transparent.

Almost finished! After you have your desired color, add in your essential oil. Use 1 tablespoon per two cups of gel. Get the glass container with wick in it and heat in microwave until about 150-160 degrees. This will make the gel pour in smoothly eliminating any bubbles. But before you pour in the gel, if you want embeds add them now. Dip the embeds into the hot gel (be careful not to burn yourself!) and arrange them in the container. Now, just slowly pour in your gel. Pull up the wick, let cool, and Voila’…you’re done. You now have a beautiful hand crafted gift.

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