Gift Ideas for a Golden Anniversary

Reaching a golden anniversary in a relationship means that a couple’s marriage has lasted for 50 years – making it a truly special milestone to celebrate. As the name suggests, gold plays an important role in gift giving for this life achievement, as it is a traditional and contemporary color and material. Gold is associated with optimism and wealth. It is certainly an eye-catching metal, and is also strong and resistant to corrosion. When choosing a gift for a golden anniversary, consider the following suggestions:

Golden Rings

There are many different ways to choose an anniversary gift that incorporates golden rings. Perhaps you could choose an alluring pair of gold napkin rings, matching gold rings with one another’s birthstone, gold hoop earrings for the lady, or matching gold ring necklace pendants.

Golden Topaz Jewelry

If you’d like to choose a golden-colored gemstone to dazzle your dear, consider the golden topaz, which is used in meditation circles for its calming and energizing properties. Consider a pair of dangling earrings or a customized ring.

Gold Trimmed Gifts

For the couple that enjoys entertaining guests or the finer things in life, choose a gift that allows a golden anniversary couple to decorate their dinner table using china and/or crystal with a gold trim. If they take pleasure in the occasional bubbly beverage, gold-rimmed champagne glasses make another delightful gift idea.

A Bouquet of Violets

The flower associated with a 50th anniversary is the violet. Therefore, gifting a bouquet is a nice way to say ‘I love you.’ You may also incorporate the bloom into other golden anniversary gestures, such as a violet-colored silk scarf, homemade dinner with violets at the center of the table, a collection of violet-scented candles, or a perfume with a flowery scent.

icon iconEmbroidered Item

A popular gift idea for golden anniversary couples is to commemorate their lifelong love with a personalized present. Use the name, date of marriage, and other sentimental details to create a unique gift. For example, offers the snuggle-inducing Our Golden Anniversary Wedding Bells Afghan – made from 100% cotton and using gold thread to highlight significant information.

A Tree

Plant a tree in honor of your 50 years together and decorate with golden ribbons.

Golden Photo Album or Scrapbook

Fifty years together produces a never-ending wealth of memories. Choose a golden photo album for the assemblage of photos and other details of a marriage. Add wedding announcements, movie ticket stubs, play bills, vacation snapshots, birthday cards, handwritten notes, and newspaper clippings to create an unforgettable remembrance.

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