Gift Ideas for Baseball Lovers

From a personalized wooden pen in the shape of a baseball bat to team-themed bedding or even a baseball table lamp, using a favorite sport is a good way to get ideas for gifts. If you want to knock one out of the park with your gift choice, you first need to know your loved one’s favorite team. Get to know the team colors, mascot and logo. Then, map out a game plan and start your gift search. To get you started, a few gift ideas for baseball lovers include:

Baseball Apparel

The MLB organizations make millions of dollars by selling themed apparel. From baseball jerseys to hoodies, it’s quite easy to get a hold of team apparel, especially if your loved one cheers for the home team. Other places to browse include eBay, FootLocker, FinishLine,, and local department stores. Your loved one didn’t have to pitch for their college team, but if they love baseball – a sentimental gift idea might be to purchase collegiate clothing from their alma mater. Think baseball jerseys, baseball caps, or a stadium jacket. Let them wear their school colors with pride while celebrating their favorite sport.

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Rare Baseball Cards

For the collector at heart, getting a hold of a rare baseball card is like finding the Holy Grail. To increase the specialness of the gift, autographed rare cards will earn endless cool points with your loved one. Perhaps they are missing a card in a set. Maybe they’ve been trying to track down their favorite player. Sports-related shops, memorabilia shops, auction sites (like eBay), and online card galleries are just some of the places you can look for your next gift. Also, don’t count out estate sales and pawn shops to seek out valuable baseball cards.

Autographed Baseball Card

A less expensive route to paying homage to favorite players is to track down autographed baseball cards of current stars. If your loved one enjoys a good piece of signed memorabilia or other items, don’t forget that baseballs, gloves, hats, posters and prints are also just as nice.

Baseball Clock

From the typical colorful timepiece that hangs on the wall to the classic carved wooden beauty, a clock that pays homage to baseball could make the perfect gift for a birthday. Clocks are not only functional, but can also decorate any room – especially a private study, den, or office.

Baseball Fan Wall Clock
Baseball Fan Wall Clock by DizzyDebbie
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Unique Baseball

How cool is it to gift an authentic baseball bearing city designs?  These eye-catching baseballs are made out of leather and present a colorful outline of regional standouts of popular destinations. Some of the cities available include New York, Boston, Los Angeles, and Washington.

More Baseball Gift Ideas

Baseball Mugs
Baseball Mugs by Just2Cute
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Baseballs Collage Commuter Bag
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