Gift Ideas for Drinkers

Ice-cold beers on game night. A glass of wine with dinner. The life of the party. You probably know someone in your family or amongst friends that fits this description. When shopping for gifts for those who enjoy beer, wine, champagne and other alcoholic beverages, consider some of the following suggestions:

Home Bartender Set

There are plenty of gift ideas for the loved one in need of a barware set, accessories, and bartending gadgets. For example, the Pro Bartender Cocktail Mixing Set comes with a stainless steel shaker, mixing glass, 2-sided measuring jigger, and a heavy-duty combination bottle opener/cork puller. Avid readers and adventurous drinkers may enjoy a book full of cocktail and mixed drink recipes. For a unique gift idea, consider the Boston Cocktail Shaker Gift Set – Includes Hawthorn Strainer, Muddler, Bar Spoon with masher, 25ml and 50ml Jiggers and a WIN-WARE pocket size cocktail making guide. All enclosed in a WIN-WARE gift box – Great kit for home/recreation use!

Homemade Beer Kit

For the loved one who enjoys a cold glass of beer with meals, perhaps they’d be interested in exploring ways on how to make their own brews. There are homemade beer kits to fit a range of budgets and levels of enthusiasm. For example, the Mr. Beer Premium Gold Edition Beer Kit is a reusable kit that only requires the addition of water. Home brews are made in as little as 14 days.

Decorative Stir and Swizzle Sticks

For the martini drinker, decorative stir sticks add class and character to a personal bar. Consider the personality of your loved one to pick out the perfect theme. If you are buying a gift for someone with a sweet tooth, choose sugar-candy straws with a lemony flavor from Hammond’s Candies. They add flavor and color to drinks. A few ideas for decorative swizzle sticks include:

  • Tropical theme with pineapples and palm trees
  • Sea life theme with starfish and dolphins
  • Fruit bowl theme with apple, cherry, orange and strawberry designs
  • Holiday themes, such as Halloween pumpkins, Christmas trees, and the Easter bunny

Personalized Drinking Vessels

For the couple that likes to drink together, add the last name of a newly married pair to create the regal look of a personalized beer stein. Choose champagne glasses and have the names of bride and groom etched on. Personalized flasks also make popular Christmas or birthday gifts for drinkers.

Drinking Games

For the fun-loving drinker that likes to add a twist to their parties and get-togethers, there are plenty of drinking games to consider. The Shot Roulette Drinking Game incorporates gambling and drinking entertainment. There’s a Drinking Darts Game for the sportsman at heart. Travel back to your childhood with a Spin the Bottle Adult Drinking Game. Other gift ideas involve board games, cards, and dice – the possibilities are endless.

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