Gift Ideas for Guitar Players

What gift do you get the loved one who dabbled in a high school band, dreamed of becoming a rock star, or simply has a passion for strumming his or her own tunes? Guitar players come in all shapes and sizes with varying levels of enthusiasm. To give a gift that speaks to their talents and interests, consider the following suggestions:

Personalized Guitar Pick

Guitar players use picks to work their magic. This small flat tool is used to pluck or strum the instrument. Picks come in a variety of styles and colors – fashioned out of rubber, plastic, wood, metal, glass, stone, and tortoiseshell. Some picks are made with custom designs that you can choose as a gift for a guitar player. For a personalized pick, consider the services of Unique Laser Engraving, which prints logos, text, and short messages on picks. They also offer digitally printed photo picks.

Music-Related Jewelry

From the treble G-clef to music notes, it’s pretty easy to find music-related jewelry for the guitar lover. An example includes this Guitar Necklace with pewter cast and plated in 24k gold. For the electric guitar player, consider this Silver and Black Necklace with crystal accents for an affordable price. Necklaces and pendants are quite popular, but you may also consider guitar earrings and rings.

Personalized Guitar Strap

A guitar strap makes it easier for a player to create music for longer periods of time. Gift a strap that highlights the personality of your loved one or friend. Some straps offer vibrant hues, while others concentrate on sophisticated embellishments. Choose materials and colors that fit their energy. Some of the customized features to consider for your gift include:

Music Memorabilia

When you are familiar with the favorite guitar players, bands, songs, and other music-related interests of your loved one, it’s easier to expand the creativity of your gift ideas. Vintage posters, concert tickets, autographed pictures, sheet music, and framed magazine covers are just some of the gifts you may consider.

Vintage Guitar

For the collector in your family, there are plenty of opportunities to find a vintage piece of equipment to brighten their day. To browse acoustic beauties to older electric models, pay a visit to the local pawn shop, music shop, or online site, such as eBay.  A few less expensive vintage gift ideas for guitar players include picks, cases, and straps.

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