Gift Ideas for Rabbit Lovers

Whether they are caring for a new Easter bunny or have been cuddling with a floppy-eared companion for years, gift ideas for rabbit lovers may range from unique toys for pets to presents for toddlers. If you’re looking for ways to put a smile on a bunny lover’s face, consider some of the following suggestions.

Kiddie Costumes

Perfect for a gift around Halloween or Eastertime, bunny costumes for kids are usually a hit with fairly new parents. For the rabbit lover, there’s nothing cuter than a pair of bunny ears to complement the chubby cheeks of an infant. This sweet gift idea provides the opportunity to create adorable picture-perfect moments.

Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny

Thanks to Beatrix Potter, the tales of Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny are a classic – spurring a following for the stories, original artwork, illustrations, and plush toys. Out of all the rabbit characters on the market, Peter is a definite favorite. With the Peter Rabbit Naturally Better Classic Gift Set, you can gift an eco-friendly hardcover collection of stories that include Jeremy Fisher and Tom Kitten.

Rabbit Gift Basket

When a loved one has recently received a rabbit as a pet, a gift basket filled with essentials makes a delightful gesture. Popular items to consider include treats, grooming products and toys. Peter’s Waterless Rabbit Shampoo keeps squirmy, hard-to-bathe pets clean. Offering hours of fun and exercise, choose a natural grass ball that is safe to chew and helps with proper dental health. Dried fruit drops and yogurt chips add a tasty feature to a gift basket for rabbits.

Rabbit Hutch

For the extreme rabbit lover that may have more than one pet or enjoys breeding their pets, you will surely impress by gifting an outdoor rabbit hutch. These structures provide protected shelter and may offer outlets for breeding and exercise. For example, the Rabbit Hutch with a View comes with non-slip ramp and hatch door to restrict access between levels, a pull-out plastic pan, an attic with convenient removable floor. A less expensive hideaway for a rabbit is the Grassy Roll-a-Nest Hideout, which promotes natural nesting instincts in small animals.

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