Gifts for People who Love the Color Orange

People who are attracted to the color orange are often flamboyant, enthusiastic, have a warm personality, and are full of energy. Finding just the right gift can become a challenge, but if you zero in on their love of the color – you can work with an assortment of interesting ideas that include bold gemstone creations and quirky, off-the-wall gestures.

Orange Gemstone Jewelry

Wearing jewelry with orange stones is thought to grab the attention of onlookers. Orange is also the color of creativity, so a gift with a gemstone of this shade would especially make a perfect gesture for an artist. The color orange also represents energy, so choose a bracelet, necklace or ring with an orange stone to send ‘get well’ vibes to a loved one. Gemstones with an orange color or tint include oxblood coral, chalcedony, hessonite garnet, fire opal, amber, sunstone, chrysoberyl, and topaz.


The iconic cat from the Sunday morning comics is a favorite of many and could very well appeal to someone that loves the color orange. From DVD movies, cartoon collections, and stuffed animals, there are plenty of gift ideas to consider, such as key chains, clock, jigsaw puzzles, pencils, handheld massager, and a vintage coffee mug highlighting the personality of the infamous feline.

A Cheetos Gift Basket

If you’re looking for a light-hearted idea for a gift basket that highlights the energy of the color orange, allow Chester the Cheetah and an assortment of Cheetos and cheese curls to do the trick. Fill a simple wicker basket with the fun snacks, wrap with decorative ribbon and top with colorful bow. If you are lucky to find one, a plush orange cheetah could bring an extra smile.

Carrot Cake

Often decorated with carrots or flashes of orange frosting, carrot cake makes a sweet gift for a loved one crazy about the color. Local bakeries or mail-order gourmet stores will offer a variety of options for the cake that may include cream cheese frosting, finely grated carrot topping, walnuts, raisins, and crushed pineapple.

An Orange Tree

Gifting an orange tree is appropriate for people that live in a climate that accommodates the needs of the plant. It’s certainly the gift that keeps on giving with juicy, colorful fruit. Depending on where you purchase the orange tree, the average price is around $50.

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