How to Buy the Right Sunglasses for Someone Else; Measuring Face Shape

These days there are lots of gift ideas for different occasions. However, one particular idea that can really go down a treat is designer sunglasses. Everyone will appreciate the gift of a well-chosen pair of sun specks; a pair that really do suit them. It will be appreciated even more if the receiver is a fashion enthusiast.

To buy the right pair, however, you must put in some work. This will ensure that if you buy a special pair of Tom Ford sunglasses, for example, they are indeed the right pair and will be worn almost every day!

As well as thinking about style, you must also make sure you are buying a product you can trust to do what it says on the tin, which is to protect the eyes from UV rays.

So what do you have to do?

Be sure you know the person’s face shape

Many people live with family or spouses and then find it really hard to picture their face shape when stood in a store ready to make a purchase. In fact, some people don’t know their own face shape. The easiest way to work out face shape is to take some measurements. Obviously, the element of surprise goes out of the window as soon as you tell the receiver that you want to measure their face. Without context this could be a very strange request.

Measuring the person’s face

The first step is to measure the cheekbone from top to bottom starting from just beneath the eyes down to the start of the chin. Do this for both sides of the face and make a note of the number.

The second step is to measure round the jawbone of the individual starting from one part of the face to the other. The measurement should start below the ears and then move around the bottom of the face and write down the number

The third step is to measure face length from the start of the hairline down to the chin, making sure you pass the tape over the nose. Make a note of this too.

The fourth step is to measure the width of the forehead from one side of your hairline to the other side. Start the measurement half way between your top hairline and eyebrows and write this down too.

Now that you have the measurements, you will be able to determine what face shape the person falls under.

A square shaped face will have the same length and width across the face. A round face will have a bigger measurement for the forehead measurement. An oval face will have longer measurements for the jawbone than face length.

You can also keep the measurements for when you are about to shop. Using this measurement, you will be able to find sunglasses with frame that will fit perfect on the face of the gift recipient.

If you can’t take measurements get a picture of the individual with the face showing clearly. Ask him or her to send over a selfie if you don’t have one. Take the picture to the shop, or send it to the customer rep if you are buying online, and you will be sure of getting a style to suit the face shape.

If you want to find out about which styles and frames suit which face shapes there are lots of guides out there. Obviously style is a pretty personal thing so make sure you think about the receiver’s taste in clothing and attitude to fashion. If you get the right style for their face shape, and you really think about what they will like, you will be far more like to get it right.

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