How to Dress Up a Gift Card

Gift cards are functional gestures that accommodate any special occasion or holiday. They help shoppers give a gift that allows the recipient to choose what they like best. This method comes in handy for people that have no idea what to get someone, and also saves the day with a last-minute gift idea. However, some people turn their noses up at gift cards because they feel they are impersonal or too small in size. They are sometimes left with a feeling that they “didn’t do enough.” Luckily, dressing up a gift card is a good way to add personal touches and show someone how much you care.

Say ‘goodbye’ to the little envelope and consider the following suggestions:

Helium Balloon

The colorful display and endless number of decorative shapes, sayings and themes make helium balloons a delightful accompaniment to a gift card. Opt for a bouquet of ‘Happy Birthday’ balloons or choose the shape of your nephew’s favorite superhero. When presenting your gift, you can attach to the end of the string or tape the gift on a part of the balloon that conceals the card. Just make sure the balloon doesn’t float away with your gift card before you have a chance to give it to your loved one.

Box of Candy

For the loved one with a sweet tooth that is hard to shop for, consider slipping a gift card inside the lid of a decadent box of chocolates. gift cards go well with chocolate. If you can stand the suspense, place the gift card underneath the chocolates so as they start to nibble – your sweet gesture is revealed.

Stuffed Animal

Who can resist an adorable teddy bear holding a gift card to Victoria Secrets as a Valentine’s Day gift? A friendly stuffed animal face can also make the transition into a new home more pleasant – especially when holding a gift card to the Home Depot, Pier 1, or Bed, Bath & Beyond.

Hide It in another Gift

You can always purchase a smaller gesture to hide your gift card. For example, coffee lovers will squeal at the added bonus of a Starbucks, Panera Bread, or Dunkin Donuts gift card hiding in a bag of gourmet beans. For the small business owner, slip an Office Max or Staples gift card inside a personalized business card case. Hide a gift card to Michaels or Jo-Ann Fabrics in a basket full of yarn.

Gag Gift

There are plenty of ways to distract and add a laugh to the gift-giving process of your small-sized present. All you have to do is think outside the box and settle on an unusual gesture that opens the door for a welcomed sigh of relief. A few suggestions include:

  • Gift an ugly Christmas sweater with a gift card to their favorite department store taped to the label.
  • Offer one used shoe from a thrift shop with a gift card to a footwear store, such as Nine West or Zappos slipped inside or taped to the bottom of the heel.
  • Wrap a slice of cheesecake with a Cheesecake Factory gift card tucked inside
  • Box a Big Mac with a gift card to their favorite restaurant taped to the hamburger’s wrapper
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