How to Give Trick-or-Treaters Something Unique this Halloween

Give Them Treats than Candy
Give Them Treats Other than Candy (Image Courtesy of Gmutt)

Halloween is quickly approaching, but rather than running to the grocery store for a few bags of sugary snacks to give the trick-or-treaters, why not pass out something unique this Halloween? Do the droves of princesses and super heroes that come knocking on your door really need another candy bar? Here are some unique ideas for when the trick-or-treaters start knocking.


If you don’t get crowds of trick-or-treaters then picking up coupons could be a good way to go. Fast food joints like McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Burger King all sell coupon booklets for $1. The coupons are good for things like free ice cream cones, free french fries and free apple pie. It’s a unique idea that will insure the trick-or-treaters have something to enjoy after they eat all of their hard-earned candy.

Organic Treats

Moms and dads will thank you when they spot these organic lollipops in their children’s mound of candy. They’re allergen-free, gluten-free, egg-free, soy-free, nut-free; casein-free, and dairy-free. But somehow they still taste like a sweet treat. You can get a five-pound bag which equals 350 suckers for less than $25. They’ve also got smaller bags for about $16.

Art Supplies

Some kids would rather have art supplies over candy. Spark their creativity this Halloween with some spooky stickers or temporary tattoos. Make sure you have a variety of choices for different age groups.

Spooky Toys

Rather than rot their teeth with sugary candy, why not give your trick-or-treaters a toy to play with? Oriental Trading Company has lots of great options like these glitter sticky hands which are just $7.99 for 72 of them. They’ve also got 48 Halloween bouncing balls for $9.99.

Practical Gifts

The kids won’t like it, but their parents surely will appreciate that you managed to stuff a practical gift in their trick-or-treat bag. Pick up a 12-pack of toothbrushes for $9 on Or head to your local discount warehouse and stock up on things like pencils, notebooks and toothpaste. Just be prepared to get your pumpkins smashed when the little goblins realize they won’t be getting any chocolate from your house.

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