How to Wrap a Gift Without Using Wrapping Paper

You’ve got a gift. You’ve got a box. Heck, you even have some tape, but you are fresh out of wrapping paper. Now is the time when your creativity can really be put to the test. Inspired by the “Nice Package” Flickr group, here are several ways to wrap a gift without using an inch of wrapping paper. But it will look so good no one will know the real reason your package turned out so unique.

Use wax paper. Head to your kitchen and grab a couple of sheets of wax paper. Using two layers will help keep the gift’s contents under wrap. Use some pretty ribbon or twine to complete the look.

Print some off the web. There are several cool designers offering printable wrapping paper. Even Martha Stewart has five different styles of wrapping paper designs available for free. Scrapbooks Etc. also offers up a bunch of brightly colored printable wrapping papers. Just download the file, click print and you’re good to go.

Head to your sewing stash and use leftover fabric. A lighter weave will make it easier to wrap. Coordinate the look with some thick ribbon to help hold it all together and a button in the center.

Pull newspaper out of the recycle bin. Give your gift an eco-friendly look by using newspaper or magazines.

Use paper, not plastic. If you’ve got grocery bags or shopping bags stashed in your pantry, creatively cut one up to make some heavy duty and eco-friendly wrapping paper.

Decorate the box. Skip the paper all together and find a way to decorate the box. Use stamps, stickers or your own drawing skills. It’ll be so pretty the recipient will forget about the lack of wrapping paper.

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