On My Way Bag

The perfect baby shower gift that you can make is the “On My Way Bag”. I like to do this because it’s a more personal gift and it’s so creative. This bag is a baby sling filled with goodies made especially for mommy and new baby. Made to be used at the hospital and the 1st few days home. The mom-to-be will absolutely love this gift. Here is what you need:

  • a baby sling – this will act as the container for everything
  • paper filler – tissue papers used for gifts
  • clear tape

For Mommy

  • foot and hand cream
  • stress ball
  • lip balm
  • socks with grippers
  • preggie pops
  • disposable camera
  • massage oil – for feet and back
  • breast and sanitary pads
  • mini baby book -1st week baby book

For Baby

  • small pack of newborn diapers
  • baby blanket
  • alcohol pads – for the cord
  • baby mittens and socks
  • pack of onesie’s
  • diaper rash cream
  • pacifier

The bag is really simple and fun to put together. If you don’t know the gender of the baby use unisex colors and items. For the baby book, I like to create my own in a scrapbooking form, but you can buy one that will be just as perfect. Just a simple 1st week baby book can be made out of any small photo album book.

Start with placing the largest things in first. I usually do the diapers, massage oil, cream, and baby book. Once you get the bigger things in start filling in the bottom with papers as needed and placing in the smaller items and taping them in place. Make sure you have things “popping” out the top for visual effect. The baby sling has a wide enough opening so that you can fix it up and make it look as pretty as you like. Once the bag is completed, place a ribbon around one strap and make sure everything is neat and secured down with tape. You should now have a beautiful “On My Way Bag”, great for mommy and baby!

Images belong to www.babyzoop.co.uk, www.ramonapregnancy.org

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