Birthday Party Invitations

Check out our suggestions for birthday party invitations! These are sure to add a special touch to your event!

Pink Zebra Birthday Party Custom Announcements
Pink Zebra Birthday Party Custom Announcements by InvitationCentral
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How to Throw a Minute to Win It Party

Minute to Win It is a hot game show on NBC where contestants race the clock to complete seemingly simple challenges using household products. With a million bucks dangling before them, the excitement level is always high. Since the 60-second challenges involve items you probably have around your house, lots of people are throwing Minute to Win It parties. Here are some tips for making your Minute to Win It bash a party people remember for a long time.

Choose Fun Games

All of the games played on Minute to Win It are fun and the majority of them could work in your own home. But take into consideration the number of people you plan to have at your Minute to Win It party, as well as the space available for playing these games. Check out this library of games that have been featured on the show and select about a half dozen to feature at your party.

Serve Food that Fits the Theme

Any good party needs great food. Perhaps you could serve Mexican dishes including a taco bar with a sign that says “Taco Time!”. Give cupcakes a shot and arrange them in a circle. Number them like the face of a clock. There are lots of fun ideas that would be great for a Minute to Win It party.

Show the Video Blue Prints

Give your party a high-tech feel by showing the blue prints (aka. rules) for each game just like they do on the real Minute to Win It game show. You can find the videos on YouTube, commercial free. For instance, here’s the blue print for the game “Face the Cookie.” Showing these professionally produced videos will make your party feel more like the real thing.

Award Prizes

You’ll definitely want to reward winners for their hard work and competitive spirit. Try clock-themed prizes like funny watches or timers. This round wooden ready-to-decorate clock from Oriental Trading Company is just $6.99 and would make a fun prize. You don’t have to spend much, but it will create a more festive feel.


Vintage Clock Magnets Make Great Favors (Photo by Alison Storm)

Hand Out Favors

Everyone likes to go home from a party with something. A great (and affordable) party favor for your Minute to Win It game is this DIY mid century clock magnet from How About Orange. Spray paint some bottle caps and use Mod Podge to adhere the printable clock designs. Hot glue a magnet onto the back and your favor is complete. It’s a great gift that will remind your guests of the great time they had at your Minute to Win It party.

How to Improve Your Super Bowl Party Food Table

Score Big With Guests During Your Super Bowl Party (Photo courtesy of Triple Tri)

Are you ready for some football? The big game– yep THE big game– is about to kick off. Amp up your team spirit and give your guests a great time with a fabulous Super Bowl bash. Whether you’re really into the game or you just like the commercials, you can still have a great time. Take your bash to the big leagues by improving your Super Bowl party food table with these easy and affordable ideas.

Field Centerpiece

Bring a little bit of the field to your table with this super cute centerpiece idea. Head to your florist for a flat of wheat grass. You should be able to pick this up for about $20 according to Hostess With the Mostess. Then place little plastic football players like these all over your field. You’ll definitely score some points for creativity!

Personalize Footballs

Give guests something to play with during half time. Pick up a dozen (or two) colorful foam footballs like these from Oriental Trading Company. Personalize them with a permanent marker or stickers.

Playing Field Tablecloth

Head to your fabric store for some green felt. You’ll need enough to cover the table you’re using to display your football food. Using white tape and vinyl numbers from the craft store, create your football field with yardage and lines.

Decorate Sweetly

Add a little sugar to your Super Bowl food table with some milk chocolate footballs. Candy Warehouse sells a 5-pound bag that your party goers will love to tackle.

AstroTurf Coasters

The editors of Real Simple Magazine came up with this one– AstroTurf coasters! Head to your carpet warehouse and ask for a small cutting of green AstroTurf. You may also be able to pick this up at Home Depot or Lowe’s. Carefully cut it into circles so guests can rest their glasses on the green.

Referee the Food Table

If you’re not into sporting team gear, why not throw on a referee shirt instead? You’ll be able to monitor which food dishes you’ve prepared are the ultimate winners and determine when to throw in a sub. This referee shirt also comes with a whistle in case a fight breaks out over your queso dip.

How to Give a Super Gift on Super Bowl Sunday

Get Ready for Super Bowl Sunday
Get Ready for Super Bowl Sunday. image courtesy of NFL

Are you a Steelers fan? Or are you rooting for the Cardinals? Either way, Super Bowl Sunday is a great day to get together with friends, eat junk food and watch some really great commercials– I mean football. If you’re heading to a party, you won’t want to come empty handed. Here are a few gifts that will score you some points on Super Bowl Sunday.

Serving Platter

Chances are your party host has way more chips and dip to serve than platters to serve them on. Bring along a dish like this Oster Server Platter Warming Pot from Target. It’s just $24.99.

Baby Fan

Parents who are football fanatics want their kids to be football fans as well. Start baby out early with a Pittsburgh Steelers Crib Mobile from Wal-Mart. It features the team mascot and plays the Steelers’ cheer as a lullaby.


Nothing says football like cold beer. With this portable 5-liter beer chiller and dispenser from Sears, you’ll avoid long walks to the kitchen for refills. That way you won’t miss any game time or commercial time.


If The Rolling Stones aren’t your thing, bring your Super Bowl Party host a game to play at half-time. This Arizona Cardinals Tailgate Toss beanbag game will be a blast. Or try the Arizona Cardinal football toss game.


Show your team spirit and help your party guests to show theirs with team t-shirts or hats. Pick them up for under $20 at Dick’s Sporting Goods.

How to Ring in the New Year with Gifts

New Year's Noisemakers
New Year. photo courtesy of Harris Grabber

As 2008 wraps up, 2009 is waiting to bring you a fresh start, a new outlook, and another reason to buy some gifts! Sure, the sun has barely set on Christmas, but it’s time to look forward to the new year. Here are gift ideas to help you spread some hope, love and confetti for 2009.

365 Hugs and Warm Wishes

Help someone start off 2009 in a great way with a jar-full of 365 Hugs and Warm Wishes from Pixie Dust. It contains 365 slips of paper with great, encouraging messages that will give your loved one something to look forward to every day of the year.

Confetti Popper Gun

It’s hard to ring in the new year without confetti. Pick up a dozen Party Confetti Popper Guns for $19.99 from Oriental Trading Company and you’ll be the hit of the party. Just make sure you help the host vacuum up afterwards.

Bubble Wrap Calendar

Who doesn’t love bubble wrap? Now you can enjoy every day of the new year with the 2009 Bubble Wrap Calendar. Have fun pressing those pockets of air every day. Just don’t go crazy and pop them all at once.

Ice Shot Glass

Ring in the new year with a nice, cold drink. With Cool Shooters shot glass ice tray you’ll make sure the shots are extra cold. Simply fill the tray with water, freeze and soon you’ll have a shot glass ready for your favorite adult concoction.

Giant Fortune Cookie

Send good fortunes with a giant fortune cookie. It’s a fun (and sweet) way to ring in 2009. Since the giant fortune cookie weighs in at just under one pound and is about the size of a football, chances are this is a gift that will be remembered the whole year.

Organizational Tools

Many of us set resolutions for the new year to be more organized. Help your loved one achieve that dream with the Life.doc organizer. It contains eight sections to help you compile and organize vital information all in one place. Fill it out by hand or use the included CD ROM to type your information in, print it out, and stash it in your new binder.