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Minute to Win It is a hot game show on NBC where contestants race the clock to complete seemingly simple challenges using household products. With a million bucks dangling before them, the excitement level is always high. Since the 60-second challenges involve items you probably have around your house, lots of people are throwing Minute to Win It parties. Here are some tips for making your Minute to Win It bash a party people remember for a long time.

Choose Fun Games

All of the games played on Minute to Win It are fun and the majority of them could work in your own home. But take into consideration the number of people you plan to have at your Minute to Win It party, as well as the space available for playing these games. Check out this library of games that have been featured on the show and select about a half dozen to feature at your party.

Serve Food that Fits the Theme

Any good party needs great food. Perhaps you could serve Mexican dishes including a taco bar with a sign that says “Taco Time!”. Give cupcakes a shot and arrange them in a circle. Number them like the face of a clock. There are lots of fun ideas that would be great for a Minute to Win It party.

Show the Video Blue Prints

Give your party a high-tech feel by showing the blue prints (aka. rules) for each game just like they do on the real Minute to Win It game show. You can find the videos on YouTube, commercial free. For instance, here’s the blue print for the game “Face the Cookie.” Showing these professionally produced videos will make your party feel more like the real thing.

Award Prizes

You’ll definitely want to reward winners for their hard work and competitive spirit. Try clock-themed prizes like funny watches or timers. This round wooden ready-to-decorate clock from Oriental Trading Company is just $6.99 and would make a fun prize. You don’t have to spend much, but it will create a more festive feel.


Vintage Clock Magnets Make Great Favors (Photo by Alison Storm)

Hand Out Favors

Everyone likes to go home from a party with something. A great (and affordable) party favor for your Minute to Win It game is this DIY mid century clock magnet from How About Orange. Spray paint some bottle caps and use Mod Podge to adhere the printable clock designs. Hot glue a magnet onto the back and your favor is complete. It’s a great gift that will remind your guests of the great time they had at your Minute to Win It party.

Apr 162009

If you plan on having a party soon, here are a few Party Favors gift ideas to consider for your guests. Most of these favors can be personalised with tags or labels. Your personalization adds a memorable touch.

20062na-m “Buttercream Dreams” Cake Candle on Porcelain Pedestal Cake Plate

Reminiscent of springtime and life’s sweetest moments, the “Buttercream Dreams” Cake Candle brings a tiny tower of flirty fun to your tables and a delightful favor for your guests to take home. These little candles resemble three charmingly wrapped gift boxes; they sell as sets of four.

A pesonalized tag can be added.


Love is Blooming” Wildflower Seed Favor Kits

Our second choice is whimsical and eco-friendly at the same time. Each seed kit comes with twelve lovely heart-flower glossy print seed packets, twelve matching pastel organza ribbons and a large package of wildflower seeds to fill the packets.

What better way to celebrate the beginning of your new life than to plant these lovely new flowers!

party favor “Love-sicle” Lightly Scented Popsicle Soap

Our third choice looks so yummy! You almost want to eat it! But wait! It’s glycerin soap!

Each popsicle soap comes in three “flavours”: strawberry pink, vanilla and orange.

The heart-shaped “bite”  makes it even more fun!


party favors Personalized Travel Candle

Our fourth choice is the Personalized Travel Candle; it comes in a beautiful organza bag. The tin measures approximately 2” in diameter and is 1” high.

The lid labels come in many designs (wedding, anniversary, baby shower, etc) and can be personalized.

Minimum order: 24.


Luminous Mini-Lanterns

Add a little decor to your table!

Each aluminum mini-lantern stands 5″ high with a removable lid that makes lighting the replaceable tea light easy.

You can choose from glossy white or brushed silver. These favors are perfect for wedding, anniversary and engagement parties.



Photos are courtesy of Party Boutique.

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