Unique Gift Ideas from She’s SO Creative

Pasta Bowl Apron. photo courtesy of She's SO Creative

Today I’d like to introduce you to She’s SO Creative – renowned creators of outrageously clever cards and more witty stuff. I met them at the San Francisco International Gift Fair, last week, and I thought their product was worth mentioning. I hope you do, too!

I particularly like their aprons which make a great birthday, Christmas or hostess gift:

“Pasta Bowl” Apron is packaged in a Parmesan Cheese Container! It literally features a bunch of pasta (Farfalle, Rigatoni, and Rotini) bowling. ($26.50)

French Chicks Apron. photo courtesy of She's SO Creative

“French Chicks” Apron is packaged in a real Egg Carton! It features beret-wearing yellow chicks hanging out, drinking wine and café lattes at Café Le Egg. ($26.50)

“Salad Dressing” Apron is packaged in a take-out Salad Box! It features a salad literally getting dressed: a carrot in pantyhose, a tomato in bra and panties, and lettuce in evening wear and heels. ($26.50)

They also have fun, matching shopping list/notepads ($6.50) and “Witty Wiper” napkins! ($5.50)

ECO-FRIENDLY: Apron packaging is all recycled. And their notepads and napkins are 100% recycled as well and printed with the greenest inks possible.

The products are available nationally via their website She’s SO Creative. Check them out!

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